Time to upgrade.....again

  fossy1 20:05 14 Jan 2007

Many thanks to Keef66 and Totally-Braindead for their advice on my last upgrade in December.

I decided on a 6600, Abit AB9 Mobo, 2Gb RAM etc with which I am very pleased.......but
I now considering an additional 2Gb RAM, and converting to RAID 0.
So, the questions......

If I install an additional hard drive and run the RAID drivers, would all the existing data be transferred to both drives or would I need to re-install everything from scratch.

Would it be worth considering 2 Raptor drives
in RAID 0

  Totally-braindead 20:16 14 Jan 2007

I use RAID 0 but I installed it from scratch so whether you could set it up afterwards as you propose to do I really don't know. I've only ever had 1 RAID setup and that is on the PC I am on now. It does say in my manual that 2 identical NEW hard drives are required so I assume that means blank but as I said I don't know the answer to this.
Regarding the RAM make sure it will support it before purchase, Crucial can tell you this if the manuals not a lot of help.
I did consider Raptors as they are so fast but I did see a lot of people making a comment on them being a bit noisy and they are more pricey too. Perhaps someone with Raptors can comment on that.

  Totally-braindead 20:22 14 Jan 2007

Just had a thought, if you have an external hard drive of sufficient size you could backup your entire system using Acronis drive image then setup your new drives on RAID 0 then reinstall from your image. You would need to confirm this is possible with someone who has done it plus it would be sensible to backup any data you really need seperatly as well just in case.
I think it could be done, only problem I can forsee is can it be done still keeping the RAID 0 drivers in place and would the reinstallation over write them. If it did over write the RAID drivers then of course you would be back to where you started.
I would be interested to see what the others say and if this can be done.

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