Time to upgrade?

  fossy1 19:33 12 Dec 2006


I've been running an XP3000 + for about 4 years and am now considering an upgrade.
I'm not a gamer and use the PC for usual MS office
applications, my hobby is video (VHS to DVD, digital camera to DVD) type stuff using Pinnacle studio or Sony Vegas.
Would an upgrade to dual core and associated bits
produce a noticeable increase in performance

  User-312386 19:39 12 Dec 2006

Yes mate you would see an astonishing system perfomance gain

  fossy1 16:46 14 Dec 2006

Thanks Madboy

Any ideas what processor and Mobo I should be considering?

  mattyc_92 16:49 14 Dec 2006

Unless you start using more complex Video Editing programs, then I would say that you don't need an upgrade.

As madboy33©® has said, you WOULD notice a difference in performance, but if you are happy with your system's performance, save yourself the £200+ that you would have to spend on a new MotherBoard and Processor

  User-312386 17:15 14 Dec 2006

The new Core2 duo are very good, however, you will need to upgrade your memory etc etc

Can you please give us an idea of how much you wish to spend (and please dont just say "as little as possible")

  Totally-braindead 18:19 14 Dec 2006

Personally if your present PC does all you ask of it at the moment I would wait.

As I'm sure you realise the price of hardware drops quite dramatically with time with the result that if you buy something now for £1000 you will probably find that in 3 months time the same setup is £200 or more cheaper, or you could get more for the same money.

So what I would do is ask yourself does my present computer do all I ask of it or is it struggling.

  fossy1 20:46 14 Dec 2006

Thanks for the advice guys.
I had figured a budget of around £500 for this upgrade, the intention being to keep my existing 550w power supply, 2 optical drives, 3 x 250Gb and 1x 80Gb hard drives (although these are IDE)
further advice welcome on this theory

  Totally-braindead 00:03 16 Dec 2006

Well I built my PC at Xmas last year using my existing optical drives, mouse, keyboard, monitors and speakers. I did buy new sata hard drives but mine cost approx £500 and for that money now you could get a better system that I have because as I'm sure you realise prices drop over time.
Price it out yourself and see what you can work out. Personally I start by deciding on what processor I can afford and then pick a motherboard to suit. I'm an AMD fan but for value for money I think the dual core Intel chips are possibly better value so I would start there.

  fossy1 06:50 19 Dec 2006

Thanks to all who responded.
I've decided on an Intel dual core 6600, Asus Mobo
with 2Gb RAM and a SATA drive..........for starters!!

  keef66 14:12 19 Dec 2006

I regard the 6600 as the sweet spot between cost and performance for the core 2 Duo cpu's. Good choice!

  keef66 16:07 19 Dec 2006

Have a look at Novatech's mobo bundles; they do a core 2 Duo 6600 on an MSI mobo with 1 gig RAM for £410

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