Time for a reformat and upgrade??

  Boluwd 17:36 04 Apr 2004

My old Mesh upstairs is a 650MHz Slot A Athlon, 512 Mb SDRAM running Win 98SE. I have used Partition Magic 8 to partition the primary master 40Gb to an 8.5GB active C drive and approx 31.5GB music folder (E:\). The primary slave (20GB) is split to My documents D:\ at around 18GB and a page file partition F:\ of 2G.

I mainly use the machine as a jukebox for upstairs bedroom and as data backup as it is networked to the downstairs Mesh (running XPhome).

Things aren't running smoothly at the moment with BSOD at startup, networking difficulties and general malaise and I am going to reformat the C:\ partition and have a nice clean OS. I bought an XP Home upgrade disk last year which I have not used. Would you recommend upgrading to XP from Win 98 bearing in mind the speed spec of the pc and it's normal usage tasks? Would you just stick with Win 98SE? I read a recent post which suggested that you could install XP Home from the upgrade disk without installing Win 98SE first, is this true and recommended? Your advice as usual is appreciated.

  Diemmess 18:02 04 Apr 2004

Why do I have this feeling that you are going to try the upgrade anyway?

The hardware would have been state of the art when that box was built, and you are edging towards mighty demanding bloatware.

I would stay with a nice clean new installation of 98 on this computer, which will cope well with that and give you lots more service.

  terendak_uk 18:09 04 Apr 2004

same CPU, RAM as you. Got an OEM upgrade from Maplins( cheaper). Did a clean install...only difference to upgrade is that it will prompt you for your original OS disc to verify your license.Not looked back.Got 20Gb primary and 80Gb slave ( mainly for music and video editing from digicam- using Video explosion deluxe or Pinnacle 8...no problems)Handles Photoshop and IE and OE whilst playing music. Got a 2Ghz WinXp at work and I don't notice a massive difference, to be honest. Except for Nero....but that's another story lol

  terendak_uk 18:12 04 Apr 2004

please be guided by Diemmess. Such as he are experienced users/advisors.

  terendak_uk 18:43 04 Apr 2004

Leo49....thanks to that Advisor!

  Boluwd 18:58 04 Apr 2004

Diemmess You can read my mind!

I tried the upgrade last year but had some hassles, basically because I tried to upgrade the sound card to an Audigy 2 and an external USB modem at the same time. It was all too much for the 650MHz! I just thought that having the XP Home as the OS would make the installing of the hardware drivers a cinch due to the newer more extensive driver database in XP. Also I was hoping that a XP to XP network would be more stable than the problematic XP: Win98 network that I currently have.

At the end of the day, I could revert to Win 98SE. If I do go for the XP upgrade, would you recommend NTFS bearing in mind that all the other partitions/drives are FAT32?

  Boluwd 10:44 05 Apr 2004

Has anyone any suggestions as to which file format I should have. If I format the C:\ drive as NTFS, will there be any problems with the other partitions which are FAT32.

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