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  picklsey 04:32 28 Jan 2005

xphome sp2 i have an old patriot pc that i am trying to get running the best i can and i,ve hit a couple of problems i would be gratefull for any help i could get on this thanks.

(1)date and time when i start the pc it tells me during bootup that the date and time needs ajusted i reset it ok but when i restart the pc it sets itself back to oct. 1999 so i keep going through this loop install a programe it needs to restart after install and the date and time resets it,s self.

(2)power button i switch the pc on no problems but when i click turn off pc it powers down tells me it,s now ok to turn off the computer but when i try two switch off it just reboots the only way i can turn it off is to hold the power button in and pull the power lead out when i put the lead back in i use the power button as normal to boot up.any help on this please thanks.

  warren2004g 05:36 28 Jan 2005

The first problem seems to me like the button cell battery on the motherboard is dead (Sometimes referred to as bios battery) so every time the machine is turned off the cmos (Bios) loses its setting's along with date and time.

The second problem you are recieving tells me the PC is old and therefore the hardware may not support the auto power off function in windows xp.

It may be that when you replace the battery (CR02 Button cell type) and furtherly set the bios up correctly, the power down function will work. If not the hardware may not support. Hope this helps.

  picklsey 05:52 28 Jan 2005


thanks for reply i thought it might be the battery i will replace it,what,s confusing me with the power button is i think it must be working is i power up as normal no problems it is when i come to switch the pc off and i press the power button it turns off but as soon as i take my finger off the power button the pc restarts the only solution i,ve found so far is to hold the button in and pull out the power lead at the back of the pc it doesn,t have a swith at the power supply.once again thankyou for your reply.

  picklsey 07:56 28 Jan 2005

got it fixed changing the battery resolved both issues.

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