time pc's and psu's...anyone replaced one?

  Superstylin 11:52 31 Oct 2005

hi, my father in law has a time pc bought in 1999 that appears to have a problem with the psu in that the comp is making no effort to start.

has anyone changed a time psu? i'm trying to find out if they use non standard psu's, which would mean sourcing a new one from them, or if i can just use any as long as the dimensions and wattage is correct. (oh, and if anyone knows the dimensions and wattage that would be great, i'd rather not take a trip to the in laws to find out!)

any info greatly appreciated

  Diodorus Siculus 11:58 31 Oct 2005

As far as I know, they used to use standard ones - but I've only had limited experience.

As you know, the company is gone now anyway so you wouldn't be able to source from them.

  Superstylin 12:02 31 Oct 2005

they still appear to be around with in some form as they're advertised in the dec 2005 edition of personal computer world selling off their stock

  freaky 12:25 31 Oct 2005

There is no problem in changing a PSU, but you need to remove the computer cover to check the rating of the present unit i.e. the wattage. It will probable be either a 350W or more.

Once you have the replacement, then it is just a matter of disconnecting the cables that connect to the Motherboard, Drives etc. Install the new PSU and reconnect the cables. The replacement unit will contain instructions on the procedure.

The PSU's come supplied with more cables than you would probably need, the unused cables can be tidied by using plastic tie-straps.

  Superstylin 12:29 31 Oct 2005

do you have to match the dimensions exactly with a psu? i guess it doesn't matter what size the internals are but the plate needs to fit the hole in the case? or are these standard sizes??

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 16:33 31 Oct 2005

do you have to match the dimensions exactly with a psu? i guess it doesn't matter what size the internals are but the plate needs to fit the hole in the case? or are these standard sizes??

Holes are standard. Just make sure it is not a "short" PSU and a standard size PSU will fit behind the CD drives with room for the cables.

Recently bought a new case and PSU together as was cheaper than finding a short PSU to fit the original case.

  freaky 16:48 31 Oct 2005

If TIME PC's used a non-standard case, then there is a possibility that the screw holes would not line up with the replacement.

If you buy a PSU from a local shop, then explain to them this possibility, and ask if they will refund you your money in that event. If you buy a PSU by mail order, then this would be problematic.

Hope this helps.

  woodchip 17:03 31 Oct 2005

4 Screws hold it in round the Fan. Remove screws leave all plugs connected put new PSU in then change plugs one by one or do it the other way round connect wires first. you can then check it while it is out the case

  WhiteTruckMan 18:09 31 Oct 2005

Some time psu's had a power out for the monitor. you might need a new power lead for it. If the monitor plugs into a mains socket then ignore this....

  phono 18:17 31 Oct 2005

I seem to remember trying to replace a PSU in one of these PCs some time ago and from memory an ATX PSU would not fit inside the original case.

As was the case for Fruit Bat /\0/\, a new case and PSU was the only way out as to source an original PSU was difficult/extremely expensive.

  freaky 19:48 31 Oct 2005

A lot of manufacturers in the past used non-standard cases, they did this to make it difficult for the owner to update/repair the PC, and therefore encouraged them to buy another new PC from them. Some also used non-standard Motherboards.

In the case of superstylin69 father in law, the PC is now over 6 years old, it would probably be more cost effective to 'bin it' and buy a new replacement that uses a standard case and Motherboard. Otherwise something else will go wrong and parts will not be available.

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