Time PC - cannot open case or identify model

  georgemac 07:49 16 Jan 2004

A friend asked me to look at her PC as her son had bought a game which would not play.

It is a Time PC, which has an xp1700 cpu, 512 MB RAM and s3 prosavage onboard graphics which appear to use 32 MB of system RAM.

The game will not play because the onboard graphics are not up to it. I have been trying to find out if there is an agp slot so I could fit a new graphics card.

The problem is I cannot get the case open, there are no screws on the case and no instructions.

There is no model number label on the case so i cannot use time support. It has XP home and was purchased about a year and a half ago.

I have went through the bios options and I cannot find an option to disable onboard grahics.

On POST the only clues are the following which may give a clue to the motherboard.

W6340MS V6.1 121801 and the bios is award 6.00 PG.

Grateful for any help in identifying model or how to open the case.

I did not recommend them to buy a Time PC!

  Diodorus Siculus 08:06 16 Jan 2004

Get Aida32 from click here which will identify the mobo.

To be doubly sure, open the case and look to see if there is an AGP slot.

  Diodorus Siculus 08:14 16 Jan 2004

OK - I re-read that you cannot open case! Pretty obvious now that I read the thread title also!

  Stuartli 08:36 16 Jan 2004

The case can probably be opened by first examining the front section, which may be removable; if so, you will then come across screws for the side pieces.

Or the reverse may be the case (sorry about the pun) in that the screws will be at the rear of the case.

  georgemac 09:13 16 Jan 2004

I did manage to get the front section of the case off but there were no screws or any obvious methods of taking the sides off.

The case has a curved front and a silver handle on top which is part of the case and is for lifting the case.

I will try the aida32 mentioned above. Looking at the back it was doubtful if there was an agp slot.

  SHARON B 09:19 16 Jan 2004

This sounds v similar to mine = you get into it via the back - The back part of the case has cut outs where everything plugs in & grills covering the fans. There are 2 clips at top & bottom, squeeze these & just pull back off. you will then see the screws & the side panel just slides out.

  Stuartli 09:25 16 Jan 2004

The AGP slot is on the motherboard.

There must be some method of getting the case apart....:-) If it has a handle, there may well be screws on the bottom of the case.

It's not always obvious - do you know anyone who has experience of systems? They should be able to help.

Or e-mail [email protected] at Time to see if he can provide some advice.

  Stuartli 09:28 16 Jan 2004

Sharon B has posted whilst I was typing - sounds like the solution. As I said, it's not always obvious.

If you want to find out more about your system, Windows own System Information provides everything you require and more; you'll find it in Accessories>System Tools.

  MidgetMan 14:32 16 Jan 2004

click here

Sorry could,nt resist

  Stuartli 14:39 16 Jan 2004

Nice one..:-) This has always been one of my favourite sites.

Bang goes our advice...

  georgemac 19:14 20 Jan 2004

thank you, you are right, I removed the palstic cover at the back and not only did this reveal the screws for getting the side off but the Time identification label - well hidden!

It is a time 00255MF16G4 and I could identify the motherboard as an MS 6340 ver 5 with a lovely empty AGP slot.

I am glad I did not have to revert to MidgetMan's case opening advice . lol

I have downloaded the manual from the time site, but cannot see how to disable the onboard graphics, am currently downloading the manual from the MSI site to see if it has the answer before spending my mates cash on a graphics card.

Kids - they have PS2 - why do they need to play games on the PC as well? Will close this thread, thanks all

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