Time on PC

  bluto1 20:32 26 Dec 2008

How accurate is the clock in the notification area ? Mine is now showing20.24

  rdave13 20:42 26 Dec 2008

Don't know if you power off and unplug evey night, but if you do and the PC is a few years old then your cmos battery is on the way out.
Possible help; click here

  bluto1 21:17 26 Dec 2008

Thanks for that info. I thought that it would be fairly accurate, being part of the Windows set up and didn't give any thought to the cmos battery. I switch off every night but do not pull the plug, and am probably paying for it in my electricity bill. Mobo is 9 years old and I'm surprised everything is still working. I think until I get further warnings I'll operate " if it's not broken don't mend it", but with your warning I'll watch carefully. I will be buying a new PC in a few months time. Thanks again, have a great new year.

  rdave13 21:44 26 Dec 2008

Mobo nine years old. You've done very well lol. If your'e buying a new machine in a few months then I wouldn't worry just re-set the time.
I know you'll get a cracking, up to date PC and will be interested what you'll get and how it goes.
Happy New Year to you and yours.

  bluto1 22:09 26 Dec 2008

How do I reset the time?

  rdave13 22:20 26 Dec 2008

Right click the time shown in the right hand side of the taskbar (notification area otherwise known as system tray) and click on 'Adjust time/ date' on the menu.

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