Time for a new graphics card

  Si_L 17:40 12 May 2009

My 8600GT has just given up on me, and its time for a new one. I play games like COD4, Pro Evo Soccer etc, nothing really heavy but I would like it to be better than a 8600GT, as I tried GTA IV with it and it didn't work.

My budget is £50-80, any suggestions would be helpful. Thanks!

  OTT_Buzzard 17:56 12 May 2009

HD4830 is a good start for around £70


9600GT for a little less

  Si_L 21:38 12 May 2009

I'd rather go the Nvidia route - i've looked at the 9600GT, looks great, do you think the Asus 9600GT (1GB) would do the job? Its only just above my budget, but I don't mind if I get good bang for my buck.

  OTT_Buzzard 22:00 12 May 2009

If you can go sligtly over budget then go for a fater core clock and memory bandwidth. The extra RAM won't make any difference on that card.

For the cost of the 1GB 9600GT (approx £100) you can get a GTS 250 512MB which will embarrass the 1GB 9600GT in to submission.

Specs (GTS 250):
Core Clock: 738MHz
Shader Clock: 1836MHz
Memory Clock: 2200MHz
Stream Processors: 128
Memory Bandwidth: 70.4GB/s

Specs (9600GT)
Core Clock: 650MHz
Shader Clock: 1625MHz
Memory Clock: 1800MHz GDDR3
Stream Processors: 64
Memory Bandwidth: 57.6GB/s

It's a little counter-intuitive, but RAM really doesn't make a great deal of difference, until you are dealing with very high frame rate, high resolution gaming. Unfortunately none of the cards on this thread are in that league.

  Si_L 13:07 13 May 2009

I've checked out reviews for the GTS 250 and they all say its basically a 9800GTX.

  OTT_Buzzard 13:43 13 May 2009

It's a non reference version of the 9800GTX - similar performance for less money! Goes without saying, better performance than the GT.

  kidda123 16:33 14 May 2009

I can recomend the 9600GT if money is tight.

With a AMD Athlon X2 5400+ I got around 28 FPS average on GTA IV.

With a AMD Phenom II X3 720 BE I got around 50 FPS average on GTA IV

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