Time limit on broadband??

  misters 20:30 18 Sep 2005

Hi i am with tesco broadband unmetered but recently after surfing about 30 mins to a hour i keep getting cut of. I was just wondering if there is a cut of point now with tesco that i wasn't informed about, or is there another problem that i could maybe try and fix?
Thanx in advance

  Terry Brown 20:36 18 Sep 2005

I know BT have a time limit (Or they used to), to restrict 'Heavy' users. Perhaps TESCO are doing the same.

  stalion 20:38 18 Sep 2005

but how would they know the weight of a user, lol

  Chegs ® 20:45 18 Sep 2005

I would think its likely you have a slight cfg problem(but couldn't hazard a guess where)as the only ISP I have heard of with a time limit was every 12 hours(or was it 24,it was a thread in here a while back)

  GaT7 20:49 18 Sep 2005

I haven't heard of a '30 mins to a hour' cut-off with broadband. Did you contact Tesco support about it? G

  misters 20:54 18 Sep 2005

Haven't contacted tesco as yet just wanted to see if anyone else was having problems and i wasn't alone.
If you could hazzard a guess Chegs what would it be?

  woodchip 21:05 18 Sep 2005

If you have installed software for the connection I suggest you uninstall it from Add Remove in Control Panel you should not need it. You only need User Name and Password

  misters 21:18 18 Sep 2005

The only software that i think i installed was for the modem that i got from tescos.

  Chegs ® 21:22 18 Sep 2005

Only thing I can think would have even the remotest chance refers to a problem I once had with a PCI ADSL modem,it kept disconnecting every 15-20 minutes.I eventually traced it to InCD,got hold of a different version and my problem went away(but didn't stop me wasting months trying to find the source,I emailed tech support at my ISP,they ran numerous checks from their end but it didn't sort it,I reinstalled drivers/OS,apps repeatedly before I started from scratch with just the OS,then added the updates,then the apps,etc until it recurred)

  lotvic 21:38 18 Sep 2005

I presume it is dial up ADSL Broadband if so this may be want you want: check this setting in Internet Explorer > Tools > Internet Options > Connections > Tesco (highlight the connection) and click on 'Settings' (just to the right) > Click on Advanced (near bottom right) > UNTICK boxes for 'Disconnect if idle..... ' and 'Disconnect when connection may no longer be needed'
Click on OK

It worked for me so hope it does same for you!

  misters 21:51 18 Sep 2005

Done that lotvic but boxes were already unticked.

I dont have InCD, so it looks like an expensive phone call to the tesco helpline.


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