Time to ditch WinMe ?

  sutemil 12:20 28 Sep 2008

It is hard to find programs for WinMe.
I use McAfee Firewall (paid) and AVG 7.5 (free) which work OK.
Are there any AntiVirus (free or paid) for use with WinMe now that AVG is withdrawing support ?

  Sea Urchin 12:32 28 Sep 2008

I think your title says it all :@)

  colberly 12:37 28 Sep 2008

I use Avast home edition on both Desktop using ME and Laptop using Vista, no problems whatsoever with ME, regular updates as with Vista. You just have to re register each year, but it's still free.
click here

  palinka 13:32 28 Sep 2008

"Time to ditch Me?" perhaps; but I would still be using it if my PC hadn't died on me August 07.

How old is your PC?
I know it had its detractors but I had no problems wih Me. In your position I would be taking care to do a regular backup of everything you don't want to lose, just in case.
I moved to Vista (on a new machine) and it's fine.
Also still run XP on a laptop.

  Belatucadrus 13:44 28 Sep 2008

avast! is ME compatible and so is Rising click here it may not be listed on the Snap files OS list, but I've got it on an old W98 PC and it's fine.

  bjh 15:51 28 Sep 2008

If you choose to ditch WinMe, what are you intending to replace it with? XP is not ideal on the older computer, Linux doesn't suit everybody, and your version of ME still works well with the computer.

AVAST is still good enough for most users, and more viruses are now targeting some aspects of the XP system that are missing from, or incompatible with, WinMe and 98.

Aside from those mentioned, are you struggling to find other software?

You may find you need to update to a new computer to benefit from the newer operating systems, so tread with some care if you upgrade just the OS.

  sutemil 17:42 29 Sep 2008

Thanks guys for your responses.
My PC is 7 years old and have upgraded as far as I want to and think worthwhile. I am not considering replacing WinMe on the same PC.
WinMe is fine for my needs at present.
Just concerned that soon I may not find security software for WinMe.
Will certainly look at Avast.

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