Time computer locked onto Supanet

  mec13 18:40 19 Jun 2005

I know this subject has been raised in the past, and to remove Supanet from my Time Computer this 'de optiminize' thing was the way to go. It does seem a rather long and complicated procedure according to a thread I found in this forum. Couldn't I just buy a new modem and replace my original one in my computer, or have I shown my lack of computer 'know how' and got it completly wrong. If I dont ask, I suspect many others like me will never know. My os is xp home/sp2.

  Meshuga 18:48 19 Jun 2005

My own view on this long standing problem is that I would not allow anyone to dictate to me whai ISP i`ve got to have and would not buy their product. If enough people did that they would soon change their policy.

  dogbreath1 18:59 19 Jun 2005

I found this on another forum- as it says, to be done at your own risk. Personally I would wait and see whether anyone else has additional views on this as a potential cure.

"The registry is 'locked' to the Supanet settings.

Try this (at your own risk)

1) Use Regedit and navigate to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\PDCR4032

2) In the right hand pane, you should see a list of entries:
Default, Band0, Band1 etc.

3) Rename the Bandn entries to (say) Old0, Old1, Old2 etc. Do not
change the default entry.

4) Exit Regedit.

Found via a Google search .... ;-)"

  mec13 20:17 19 Jun 2005

I knew it! ask a silly question get a silly answer. Meshuga! of course with hind-site that is the obvious answer, but I purchased my machine just over two years ago, and was happy to use Supanet, but as time goes by, I would like to try someone else, ie move from Supanet dail-up to someone else broadband. Dogbreath1(I can only imagin what you look like)thank you for your reply, I'll take your advice and wait and see if anyone can come up with an answer to my question.

  Joe R 20:26 19 Jun 2005


fromthe conexant website,

1. Go to the Conexant web site, Driver Support section, and download the driver file for an HSF modem. (you have to click the "agree" button to get to the next page). You will probably want the one called "HSFp_WinXP.zip" Save the file to disc, then unzip it to a place you can find it later.
2. Right click the My Computer icon on your desktop, select Properties, select Hardware, click the Device Manager button.
3. Find the modem in the listing, right click the entry, and select uninstall. Confirm the action in the resulting box.
4. Reboot your PC.
5. On reboot, the PC finds the 'new' hardware, and asks if you want to install it - say yes, and tell the Wizard where to find the drivers (where you unzipped them to earlier).
6. That's it. The modem now shows as a Generic. You should now be able to access any ISP or other telephone number.

click here

  Joe R 20:30 19 Jun 2005

Official Time deopt.

( and you have to register )!

click here

  mec13 21:14 19 Jun 2005

err Joe R this is where your 'click here' link took me click here= I can't see where to go, or what your trying to tell me to do. That 2nd link to the official 'Time' de-opt key code to me looks favourite, all I've got to do now is try and find my 2 yr old reciept for this machine of mine. Incidently I am stuck with dail-up till next year probably as broadband is not an option at the moment. To return to my original question would a new moden unlock me from Supanet

  Joe R 21:29 19 Jun 2005


sorry about that, it was just a link for the conexant website, that I lifted from a forum. (and, I didn't check).

The deopt is i think your best bet, and this is a posting, copied from another forum, regarding this subject.

Go to click here. Enter your name (no need to put in your real name as I have a feeling they might use it!). I then gives you a deopt key number.
Click to download the deopt client and run a file setup.exe. Then follow the wizard that appears, enter the deopt key number, click continue and it tells you that the key has been validated

And another link that may prove useful.

click here

  Joe R 21:34 19 Jun 2005


just been on the site.

You do not need any serial numbers or receipt info.

Just type in any names, and tick the box, then click on submit.

  mec13 20:29 20 Jun 2005

Thanks Joe R

Much appreciated what you've done for me, your advice does you credit, well done. Time Computers and Supanet is another subject, which I feel would have been discussed in the past, so enough of that. What you have shown me looks like the best road to take (being the easiest way). Once again my limited knowledge in this computer world has been given a boost via this forum, and by people like yourself. For the record it was my first attempt at this 'click here' thing, supprisingly it worked, one day maybe, just maybe, I could be offering advise to someone, well maybe!

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