Time 8375 laptop battery charging problems

  fencehead1 17:59 08 Sep 2006

My fisrt battery on the laptop lasted for about 3 years eventually failing to the point where it would only last 5 mins. I purchased a new battery (same model No etc) from Battech everything was fine after about ten repetitions on chargeing it was lasting just over 60 mins. But after about 5 months it suddenly started lasting only about 25/30 mins, I contacted the supplier and they replaced the battery saying that it should last much longer but the new battery supplied would not last more than 30 mins from receiving it. The supplier provided another unit and this one will not charge at all. The computer is recognising the battery (in power options on the control panel) and the charging light is illuminated but it does not charge, the battery supplier has suggested that the BIOS of the computer should be upgraded to overcome the problem. Has anyone had a similar problem and got any suggestions please

  Belatucadrus 21:19 08 Sep 2006

Never seen anything like this that didn't turn out to be a hardware fault, either dodgy battery or defective charging unit.
I love the BIOS suggestion though and would be fascinated to hear how changing the BIOS on a laptop with a proven history of functionality is supposed to have even the slightest affect on it's ability to charge the battery. I'd certainly not recommend fiddling with the BIOS without knowing precisely what it's supposed to achieve, as it has the potential to kill a computer stone dead if it doesn't work. When you throw a possible power supply problem into the mix, I'd be loathe to try it.

  woodchip 21:21 08 Sep 2006

BIOS as nothing to do with Charging, You are being fobbed of with duff Batteries

  woodchip 21:23 08 Sep 2006

If they do not send a good battery then tell them you will contact Citizens Advice

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