tiger woods graphics problems

  User-92DDCDF3-0184-434B-8701EC41369540AF 16:10 22 Jun 2003

would appreciate any help on this subject

Have an athlon 2400+
radeon 9000 pro 128 mg card
barracuda hard drive

when i play tiger woods pga 2003 there are some graphics errors. for instance images incorrectly displayed...
i have updated the drivers to 3.4 version and some of the errors have rectified themselves.....but there are still some there....does this mean i need another update of drivers????
many thanks

  BBez 16:14 22 Jun 2003

also check the game manufacturers website for game patch which may fix issues

  BBez 16:18 22 Jun 2003

1.2 patch available click here

cheers for the patch am downloading it

56k modem groan

will see if it resolves problems

yo BBez graphics faults still there after installing patch

  BBez 19:50 22 Jun 2003

what Operating System are you using and how much RAM have you got installed..?

Is you Video Card properties running at custom settings..?

  BBez 19:51 22 Jun 2003

please be patient on a reply, i'm going out for the night but will reply later..!

its windows 98 se
512 mb ddr ram
graphics card running at custom settings

easports reckon that i need a windows update.....i take it that means they dont know

as im running 98 se windows say i dont need an update

im lost with it all

  BBez 13:06 23 Jun 2003

download and install DirectX 9.0 click here and retry. If problems still persist, try video card at default settings.

you can also check your existing DirectX installation is OK by going to start, run then type "dxdiag" without the quotes then run all the available tests...

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