Tidy Win7 programs

  benson68 09:34 03 Apr 2011

Is there any way to put all the Microsoft programs into one folder, to tidy up the program list? Then all of the security progs into another, etc.

  Nontek 10:00 03 Apr 2011

If you right-click on any program in the list, then click on Sort by Name, things will be easier to find. Other than that I don't know of any better way.

  benson68 09:08 04 Apr 2011

Isn't there a way to generate a new folder, & drag the M'soft progs inside?
I used this method with my last system. Haven't kept the details of the process though.

  Nontek 09:16 04 Apr 2011

You could right-click on the desktop and create a New Folder, then drag all the shortcut icons into that folder.

  benson68 09:33 04 Apr 2011

Wouldn't this just put shortcuts on the desktop, as well as being in the programs list?
I wanted to reduce (tidy) this long list.

  Nontek 10:32 04 Apr 2011

As I said, I know of no other way, in fact I don't think what you are asking is possible.

  benson68 10:40 04 Apr 2011

Thanks for trying, Nontek.

  robin_x 10:55 04 Apr 2011

If you mean Start/All Programs list, they are in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs

Make new folders, drag and drop etc there?

  benson68 14:44 04 Apr 2011

can't find this path in Win7, robinofloxley

  northumbria61 15:11 04 Apr 2011

"can't find this path in Win7, robinofloxley"

That path is available in Win 7 (64 bit) - should be there.

  benson68 19:15 06 Apr 2011

looked again. No program data, just program files, but then no Microsoft (on its own)
Win 32bit

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