Tick here

  Ex plorer 09:55 06 Sep 2011

Never really understood this Tick Box? Tick here if you would like to subscribe to replies to this question.

  gengiscant 10:15 06 Sep 2011

It means,I think that if anyone replies to your post you will get instant notification, well perhaps not instant.

  Nontek 10:39 06 Sep 2011

As gengiscant says, you will receive email notifications of replies to your Post, if you tick that box.

  lotvic 10:52 06 Sep 2011

I thought it meant that you could subscribe (receive email notifications) to a particular thread (not just your own)

  AroundAgain 11:13 06 Sep 2011

Yes, my assumption is that, if you tick the box below, you get email notification of any further posts in this particular thread

  Nontek 11:29 06 Sep 2011

I think lotvicstrong text is also correct here.

  Nontek 11:29 06 Sep 2011

Ooops - that was not meant to happen!

  Covergirl 11:41 06 Sep 2011

It must be me, but the notification is automatically set to YES if I start any new threads. However, the box isn't checked/ticked.

I have to wait for the email and click the link to stop the notification.

Slightly irish, but as I said, it must be me and/or IE7

  Ex plorer 15:26 06 Sep 2011

Thanks all. Well I never do get notifications in my email like for this thread. Why not, tick here to receive emails on replies. yea I know thick.

  Colonel Graham 15:56 06 Sep 2011

The green tick means 'Issue Resolved'. You tick the best answer (this one?) and you won't receive any more notifications.

If you are not receiving notifications, look in your Junk box.

  Ex plorer 16:11 06 Sep 2011

Not on about the green tick.

No need for bold type.

There are better answers than yours.

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