TI4600 Problem

  acer01 14:53 19 Sep 2003

Hi all,

I have a creative blaster geforce 4 ti4600 that seems to have packed in. I was browsing the www last night and my screen just started to distort and then my pc locked up. I rebooted by switching off the power and then switching back on again. However during post I noticed a lot of flickering and when it got to the windows logo the colours were all distorted and it refused to go any further. Anyway just to cover all the bases I reformated my drive reloaded windows and all my drivers including all the latest updates for my board and card but I still get the same problem. My board is an Asus A7N266-VM Nforce1 board which has onboard graphics which works with no probs at all (I am using it now) so I was wondering is it likely to definately be the card thats packed in or could it be something to do with the board or agp slot? The reason i want to know is that I was going to buy a new Nforce 2 board on sunday which dosen't have onboard graphics and wouldn't be able to afford a decent graphics card as well so I'm not sure what to do. Also I don't know anyone locally who has a rig that I could test the card on.

Any help would be much appreciated

  Terrahawk 15:13 19 Sep 2003

dont quote me on this but it could be a heat problem have you checked your fan is working correctly on the card

  acer01 15:17 19 Sep 2003

Thanks for the responce Terrahawk. I did check the fan and it was spinning ok I also felt the card and heatsink on it and they were just warm to the touch, didn't feel too hot.

  acer01 15:20 19 Sep 2003

Just to add to that I also got the same problem when booting from cold, therefore I can confidently rule out heat as a cause.

  Chegs ® 16:23 19 Sep 2003

It does sound like your card has departed,I had an Hercules depart the living(as I screwed its clock speed up to 700Mhz...lol.)and it wobbled the screen then the desktop went to massively magnified,and on rebooting,it simply did nothing,no heat,no desktop.I replaced it with a Ti4600(unbranded)which I experiment with as I have replaced it with a Ti4600 Leadtek.

  acer01 17:03 19 Sep 2003

I didn't overclock mine, although I was tempted.

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