ti4600 graphics card and todays games?

  dfghjkl 23:40 16 Dec 2004

hello all,i have got the chance to buy an msi ti4600,128mb graphics card,i was wondering how it stands with todays games?i know it was a top of the range graphics card so it will be more powerful than the lower end fx range but i need to know how it will cope with the modern games,to get the best out of far cry i belive you need direct x9,this graphics card only supports direct x 8,what will i be missing ?will it cope ok?any owners of this card want to give me an opinion?
thank you,peter.

  Sion 00:07 17 Dec 2004

No, it won't cope. Whats your budget? They got a great deal on Ebuyer at the moment, a Gainward 6800LE for 130, inc vat. I got one myself, and was able to softmod it to get the extra 8 pixel pipeliens and 2 vertex shaders working. Very good card.

Aim for 9600Pro if your on a tight budget, or go for 6600GT or 6800LE/NU if your feeling flush. Avoid Nvidia FX series of cards, tey have lousy pixel shader 2 performance, which really hinders its future proofness.

  Starfox 00:22 17 Dec 2004

Not suitable for the most modern games,forget Far Cry,Doom 3,Half Life 2 etc on anything but the weakest settings (if at all).Put your money to something more suitable.

PCWorld are doing GeForceFX5700le for £49-99 at the moment,not the top card but will play all the latest games and good value.

Or click here

click here

For some ideas and prices.

  Sion 00:30 17 Dec 2004

5700LE is a POS, its worse than a Ti4600.

9600Pro minimum, 6600GT or 6800LE would be better.

  vaughan007 16:04 17 Dec 2004

It really depends what games you want to play!

FX5900XT card is pretty good and will run all modern games quite well....and it doesn't cost the Earth.

A ti4600 will struggle with far cry. It will run but you wont be able to crank the settings up very high at all.

  dfghjkl 22:56 17 Dec 2004

ok thanks,i have a 5700le ans i am not impressed,i am saving for a 6600,i was going to give it to my son but i thought a ti4600 might be faster/thanks for your input.
a note about my 5700le,it is a pny,it gets about 1750 on 3d mark 03.i did clock it and got a lot more but i should not have to do that.i was going to sell it but i will stick with what i have got,thanks,peter.

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