Thunderbird thinks this is an E-mail Scam

  jack 19:59 02 Jun 2009

Said the top bar message on an E-mail received this evening.
And it may well be correct.
A month or so ago I received a mail from a 'friend' advising me that if i got an E-mail with such & such message its a deadly virus that will eat your hard drive.
You know the sort of thing.
I did a Google and of course the message was the scam.
So I wrote back to him to point this out and suggested he checked out any such mail he reviews before considering passing it on.
It has popped up several times now complete with my advice- seemingly looping and yes the Thunderbird headed this version with the headline warning.
So before I get on and berate him once more
has he anything to do with it?
or is it a mischievous looping mail?

  Stuartli 20:35 02 Jun 2009

You can train Thunderbird to spot what is and what is not Junk Mail (or at least you could when I last used it).

  Ashrich 20:52 02 Jun 2009

Yes , junk mail it remembers , but " email scams " it doesn't ! It has been telling me for three years that every message from Hewlett Packard is a scam , I tell it every time it isn't , but what happens when the next email from them comes in ....


  The Kestrel 21:30 02 Jun 2009

If the repeating email comes from your friend each time, then either he is being very silly, or his PC is infected with a virus which is sending out the email repeatedly without his knowledge. Either way a gentle word in his ear would be the solution.

  Miké 22:09 02 Jun 2009

Put the HP in your address book, should stop the warnings.

  jack 11:01 03 Jun 2009

and asked did he end it it?
'Yes he said did you not see the message?
Yer another bad habit that needs to be corrected.
When he wants to send a message he simply 'grabs' the last received message , hit reply and adds his new message- albeit nothing to do with the original- so the title comes up wrong and the new message may be hidden in the umpteen pages of C**P
that preceded it.
What a nit!

  Ashrich 23:17 03 Jun 2009

Putting the HP address in the address book makes no difference , in fact it goes to it's own folder , but Thunderbird STILL thinks it's a scam !!


  newearwax 14:10 04 Jun 2009

Go to Tools>Options. You will se a tab "Email scams". Click then uncheck box.

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