Thunderbird Problems

  griffon 56 12:14 07 Sep 2006

If emails are written offline and then accidentally sent before going online, Thunderbird 'sends' them and they appear in the 'sent' box but they don't actually go. I've got into the habit of putting them in 'Drafts' from wherever they've been written and opening them properly before sending after going online. Is this because I'm using AVG as proxy with an address of, my own computer, and that T'bird thinks the mail has gone when it delivers to If so how do I get round this?

Secondly, there is an 'unsent' box in T'bird which cannot be accessed. If I draft an email there isn't a menu option to send it to the 'unsent' box if I need to, yet T'bird has a tick box for 'Send unsent mail when going online'. How do you get mail in there in the first place without writing the mail in the 'unsent' box? OE6 automatically searches for unsent mail and sends it without a problem why not T'bird?

There is no option in the right-click menu for moving emails to the 'unsent' box if T'bird has already put them in the 'sent' box in error. If I try to move an email anywhere it does not get there but it disappears from wherever it was and can only be recovered by using the Edit Undo menu. I can't be alone in what I'm experiencing, can anybody help? Thank you.

  griffon 56 23:15 19 Nov 2006

Nobody got any ideas? It's still happening.

  fudge 13:39 20 Nov 2006

Which version of Thunderbird are you using? There is no 'unsent' folder in the default settings so you must have created that folder and you should be able move emails from one folder to another just by dragging them with the left mouse key held down. Sounds like there's a problem with your version.

If you're not already using it I would upgrade to the latest version ( click here. If not you may need to create a new profile click here

  griffon 56 15:43 20 Nov 2006

Thanks Fudge but I am using the latest version and you seem to have got just the slightest bit of the wrong end of the stick. I can shift emails about as required that's not a problem, but one day when I started T'bird up a dialogue box appeared stating that there was a mail 'in the Unsent folder', which T'bird was in the process of sending.

I hadn't thought that there was an 'Unsent' folder so I spent a lot of time looking for it without success. Meanwhile, any email I write off-line I put in 'Drafts' folder and open fully to 'Send' when on-line again. If you are using T'bird, how do you get round the problem, or are you always on-line when you write emails?

  octal 16:53 20 Nov 2006

That's interesting, I've got an Unsent folder in my local Folders tree, have you opened up the local Folders tree and had a look in there?

  griffon 56 14:32 22 Nov 2006

Thanks Octal, I've just looked and sho'nuff there is an Unsent folder there. This is an old post and I was using an earlier version of T'bird when it was written. Well I never, case closed.

  griffon 56 17:34 23 Nov 2006

To put the final kybosh on this, by writing test emails and trying various combinations of sending, not sending, disconnecting, shutting down T'bird and so on, this drops out.

If an attempt is made to shut down a written email, and the down arrow alongside the 'Save' button is pressed, you are given the choice to save it in any local folder, but not in 'Unsent'. The 'Unsent' folder is not in the list.

If you don't press 'Save' the email disappears when T'bird is shut down and that's that.

If you minimise the email and shut down T'bird the email remains on the task bar until you shut down the computer, when it then disappears.

If you restart T'bird with the email minimised on the task bar it does not send it automatically. You have to re-open the email and send it.

If you try to send it Offline it gets 'sent' but it only goes to AVG's proxy which is your own computer if it is set up for this. A dialogue box is displayed saying that the email went to, your own machine address. It then goes no further and subsequently disappears when T'bird is shut down.

I don't know what happens if you haven't got AVG set up as a POP3 proxy. Thank you everybody and goodnight.

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