Thunderbird Import not working

  anette 20:17 05 Mar 2008

I have had to buy a new laptop (Macbook) as my old one died. I was lucky enough to have been able to retrieve a full back up of all data onto an external hard drive.
I have opened Thunderbird on my new computer and attempted an Import of Mail.
I have got as far as choosing the option of Import Mail, but when going beyond that I only get two options of sources of import. The external drive, where my old mail is, is not offered as an option. I have tried to drag the Library of my old mail into the new Thunderbird program, but this is not allowed either.
What can I do, as I need all my old mail?
Can someone help please.

  brundle 20:32 05 Mar 2008

Which sources are shown? Can you not copy the folder to one of those sources and then import?

  anette 20:44 05 Mar 2008

Hi there, thanks for your reply. The options given are Communicator and Eudora, both of which I have never heard of and do not have on my computer?!

  brundle 21:19 05 Mar 2008

Importing from a previous Thunderbird install on the old PC right? This might help click here

  anette 22:06 05 Mar 2008

YYYYEEEEESSSSS success, you're a genius.
Thank you very much. I can figure it out from there.

  anette 22:16 05 Mar 2008

ok I got the 'Mail' mboxes transfered. thank you. i cannot find mbox files for 'Thunderbird' though.

  brundle 22:37 05 Mar 2008

Sorry, not with you - your TBird profile folder won't explicitly mention `mbox` files, it should be a profile folder with folders named chrome,extensions,mail,news (maybe more, maybe less) and a few other miscellaneous files - the Mail folder is where the actual mail is stored in mbox format. I take it you're still missing some files and/or folders from your new install of Tbird? It should all be complete, in the profile folder.

  anette 22:41 05 Mar 2008

Oh just to add for the above post. I did use 'Mail' for a long time, but found myself flooded in spam. On using 'Thunderbird' this problem was getting reduced enormously in numbers. This is why I have emails in two different programs.

  anette 22:51 05 Mar 2008

Sorry, I hope I can explain better. I have found the right profile folder and subsequently the mail, extensions etc folders.
From the he mail folder I go to Local Folders, then Inbox.sbd where I found the files I need ending in .msf format.
I don't seem to be able to move these in te same way I could move the .mbox folders.

  brundle 22:57 05 Mar 2008

And they don't show up as folders if you just close Tbird and copy the lot into your current profile folder? Were your old mbox files and old TBird folders listed separately in TBird ? Are you still using `import` or just copying the folders directly into your current TBird profile folder? If the latter is the case everything ought to show up the same way it did on your old system if the contents of the saved profile folder are just copied wholesale into the new `empty` profile generated the first time you run TBird on the new system. Unless the Mac version works differently...

  anette 23:17 05 Mar 2008

Ok think i'm getting somewhere. I've got to get to bed now though. Long day at work tomorrow. I'll be back in touch late tomorrow or friday. Thank you so much for your help and time.

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