thunderbird help

  moorie 17:55 03 Nov 2006

please can someone explain how i get messages to download automatically and forward to another address
ie out of office or on holiday etc

  Technotiger 18:15 03 Nov 2006

Hi, your question is not really clear as to what you want to do - if it is to be able to read your emails away from the office or while on holiday anywhere in the World? The simplest answer is to have email address. You can then access your mail at any Internet Cafe or similar.


  moorie 18:19 03 Nov 2006

sorry it was a bit vague,i meant if i was on holiday etc that i could forward my email to a colleagues address

  moorie 18:21 03 Nov 2006

sorry read it again,what i mean by holiday is off work not lying on a beach somewhere exotic

  Technotiger 18:47 03 Nov 2006

Hmmm ... you mean if you are at home, or simply away from the office where you work - from there it gets a bit tricky? "forward my email to a colleagues address" this is what I don't understand - you can surely email him in the usual way, or, if you want to Forward a mail that you have received, then you click on Fwd and add his mail address to send it. If you are familiar with emailing, then Forwarding mail is a normal everyday process!

Or am I missing somehting here?


  VoG II 18:51 03 Nov 2006
  moorie 18:53 03 Nov 2006

the scenario is im off work ,not going near any work related pc,i want my emails to download automatically and forward to a colleagues address so they can take the necc action.I wont be avaiable to open thunderbird and forward the messages?

  Technotiger 18:58 03 Nov 2006

Hi, thanks for coming 'in', I am not familiar with Thunderbird - I thought that was just his/her Forum name.


  Technotiger 18:59 03 Nov 2006

Dohhh - getting old - sorry moorie!! :-(

  moorie 19:16 03 Nov 2006

thanks vog/techno,
i have managed to do the forwarding part via a filter,however this only works if i go into thunderbird and click get mail,it then gets the mail and forwards to another address,what im trying to config if poss? for thunderbird to get mail auto then forward the message to the another specified address?
i have checked the settings boxes ie check for email every x minutes and also checked the automatically download new messages but still i have to physically go into thunderbird and get mail for the forward filter/auto download to work.

  VoG II 19:20 03 Nov 2006

I'm not familiar with Thunderbird but isn't there an option to check for new mail every X minutes?

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