Is Thunderbird a cloud?

  Muergo 20:26 11 May 2011

I am suffering again with losing e-mail from storage folders on Windows live mail.

As it's a cloud sytem it must mean that it isn't actually on my computer Yes?

I a running Thunderbird at the same time but using it just asa bulk storage, a backup for everythig I thought. But am I righi thinking this or am I just as much at risk of losing archived messages.

Every so often I backup onto a large external hard drive, I have masses of capacity spare nearly 800Gb on one external and one internal, so total of 1.6Tb empty.

  robin_x 21:05 11 May 2011

For Thunderbird,

Tools/Account Settings/Synchronisation and Storage

Checkbox 'Keep messages etc". Look in Advanced and check the folders you want.

Repeat for each account you have.

I also use Mozbackup to easily make a backup file.


  Woolwell 21:09 11 May 2011

Both Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird are email clients and do the same function. They retrieve e-mails to your pc from the ISP's servers or whichever server for your e-mail. There are options to leave the e-mails on your server or download them to your pc. Once on your computer, unless you have ticked an option to leave a message on the server, then they e-mail is no longer on the server. I don't regard e-mail clients as cloud computing.

If you run Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail for the same POP accounts then you could have problems. Either one will draw down the e-mails. With IMAP it is different.

I would not run Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail on the same pc. In my opinion this is a recipe for confusion and errors.

Do you have a POP or IMAP account? What is your iSP? Is this a domain name e-mail, hotmail or google mail?

  Woolwell 21:10 11 May 2011

ps If you want to back up your e-mails there are ways with both Thunderbird and Windows Live Mail.

  Muergo 23:23 11 May 2011

I have a POP account not a web base, it has my ISP name included.Both WLM and Tbird download all messages, although at different times.

My wife has a web based account with the same ISP of course.

I never have any clashes between the two, most of the time Thunderbird is turned off and I use WLM with no problems EXCEPT that on some files I have saved to a folder either disappear or get a totally different message stored in that file.

There was a problem back in March I think, when the WLM forum was full of users complaining about lost files but they said that they had been replaced but my Amazon folder was totally replaced with multiple identical messages about Malwarebytes which I had never received and bore no relevance to Amazon. Must have come from someone elses box.

Is Windows Hotmail more reliable and how does it relate to WLMail apart from having a different screen appearance.

I might have to change everything soon if I change to Virgin optical cable as I am fed up with my 1.3Mb feed from TTalk.I used to get a "massive" 2.5Mb for my 8Mb account.

  Woolwell 10:50 12 May 2011

If you are not leaving messages on the server then you will have one set of e-mails on WLM and another on Thunderbird. If you have missing e-mails then you may find them on the other client.

I am confused by your reference to a folder being replaced. This should be webmail and not Windows Live Mail. Are you by any chance referring to Windows Live as a webmail service. Your reference to Hotmail makes me think that you may be using Windows Live and not the Windows Live Mail e-mail client. How do you access WLM? By browser or separate program?

  Muergo 04:47 13 May 2011

I am not using a webmail service on Windows Live Mail to my knowledge, it was transferred across entire from Outlook Express and has my e-mail address as [email protected]

What do you mean by leaving messages on server? All messages automatically download onto Windows Live Mail and Thunderbird when they are switched on.

I do not use Windows Live Hotmail or Hotmail anything.

I do not have my own web site (Yet)

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