Andsome 08:31 09 Apr 2009

I have always been a fan of I.E., but I.E.8 is so slow on my computer that I have been trying FF. This is better than I.E.8 but no where near as fast as I.E.7. However, my real complaint is with Thunder bird. I cannot scroll down e mails because the Backwards and Forwards buttons are greyed out. This means that I need to close on e mail before I can see the next one. I looked in VIEW/TOOL BARS/CUSTOMISE, and found a couple of buttons labelled Previous and Next. When added to the tool bar these allow me to scroll down NEW e mails, but if I want to scroll down already viewed e mails this is not possible. There were no such problems in Outlook Express. Any ideas please?

  Batch 09:29 09 Apr 2009

Why can't you stick with OE whilst still using FF?

  Andsome 09:33 09 Apr 2009

I can, but like to have things tidy. I have still not made up my mind about FF. I am still hoping that IE 8 will be improved as IE 7 was so much better on my computer than either IE8 or FF.

  DieSse 12:11 09 Apr 2009

The Backwards and Forwards button do not scroll - they go back and forth to the previously viewed email.

If you want to scroll you can do so with the arrow buttons on the keyboard.

" to have things tidy"

Sorry but I don't quite see what that has to do with which programs you use for two disparate functions - email and browsing.

  Andsome 13:00 09 Apr 2009

The backward and forward buttons are greyed out as stated, so I cannot go from one e mail to the other without closing the first one.

  DieSse 13:02 09 Apr 2009

"I cannot go from one e mail to the other without closing the first one."

Are you not viewing them in the viewing pane? Are you actually opening each one?

  DieSse 13:04 09 Apr 2009

The Back and Forward buttons only seem to apply to the viewing pane - they have no function when the email is opened.

Why do you open them, rather than simply view in the viewing pane?

  Andsome 13:47 09 Apr 2009

When I have an e mail open and have read it I don't want to have to close it before opening the next one. In Outlook express I can just select Previous or next. I have now found out how to speed up IE 8, and will probably revert to Outlook Express and IE.

  Andsome 08:10 10 Apr 2009

Now back on using Outlook Express and IE 8. Thanks for all the help.

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