Thunderbird 1.0

  originalmiscellany 09:46 12 Dec 2004

Simple and easy question, but I'm running it but the problem is that I can't get my hotmail emails to open up in Thunderbird. Is it possible to get hotmail working with thunderbird?

  the old man 09:55 12 Dec 2004

I have tried four or five times to make a start with this program because of all the positive posts on this site but when I try to get e-mails it just doesn't happen.

  powerless 09:57 12 Dec 2004
  Gongoozler 09:58 12 Dec 2004

Quote from click here

Can I access my Netscape WebMail or Hotmail accounts through Thunderbird?

No. Netscape WebMail and Hotmail use proprietary protocols. To access WebMail directly through an e-mail client requires you to use Netscape 6+ with AIM; to do so with Hotmail requires either Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express. There are also freeware applications available that will let you do the same thing, such as Hotmail Popper.

Another example is Gotmail, which is a utility to non-interactively download email from a Hotmail account. It can download messages from all folders, messages from certain folders, or new messages only. There are options to delete downloaded messages or mark them as read. Gotmail can forward messages to other email addresses or save them as local mbox-style mailboxes.

Of course, you can access your WebMail account on the Web at click here, or Hotmail at click here.

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