thumbs up for btbroadband 2mb speed and £4 off

  frankie 19:26 15 Feb 2005

thumbs up for btbroadband 2mb speed and £4 a letter today they are going do double my speed from 1mb to 2mb and cut price from 29.99 to 24.99 happy with that only downside 15gb monthly download limit but thats fine for where its due i think

  Chezdez 19:39 15 Feb 2005


ukonline are offering 8MB broadband for £40, BT offer 2MB broadband for £25, an i'm here paying £40 for 2MB off pipex :(

  Furthark 19:40 15 Feb 2005

frankie. what part of the country are? you as I have heard that it can take upto five months for the roll out

  frankie 19:44 15 Feb 2005

norfolk area....going to look at that uk online 40.00 bit much for me home user but 8mb wow..

  2neat 19:46 15 Feb 2005

glad I stayed with erm now :-) I got the letter too.

  frankie 19:48 15 Feb 2005

29.99 for the 2mb but with unlimited fine for me

  obbit 20:05 15 Feb 2005
  2neat 20:42 15 Feb 2005

BT 2 meg punters hacked off......... not me. My highest monthly download has been just over 4GB.

  frankie 21:01 15 Feb 2005

whats your monthly cost with who? and download limits let us know thanks

  Mr Mistoffelees 21:15 15 Feb 2005

Unfortunately the UKonline 8Mbps service is likely to be confined to larger urban areas where there are likely to be many business customers signing up for the service. Or at least that is what they said when the service was announced. I'll be happy when I get 2Mbps from BT for £25 per month, sometime in the next 5 months. A 15GB monthly limit is plenty for me.

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