thumbnails not showing picture only icon

  valen 01:08 25 Jan 2003

I have recently noticed for some reason my photo's are not showing in the thumbnail view. I have them opening on a slide show with the image preview as normal if I wish to use this and this still works.It shows the icon on each thumbnail of the image preview but not the picture of the jpg photo in the thumbnail. I have looked at the properties of the thumbnail and it says open with image preview. What should it say so that I can see the thumbnail as a picture of the photo. This use to be okay but I do not know why it has stopped showing. I have windows ME god forbid but it used to be ok. The only software I have introduced is Norton Firewall which i have tried on and off.
Someone suggested to download the latest media player 9 but this is not any help as it is still the same so can anyone help please.

  jazzypop 07:50 25 Jan 2003

Same problem - same solution - click here

  StanH 07:59 25 Jan 2003

Try restoring back to when it was OK

  valen 11:27 25 Jan 2003

I wish their were more like you that actually put you in the right direction instead of guessing. Thankyou it is now fine


  Rhodie 23:48 29 Jan 2004

My computer has suddenly developed the same problem - can no long see thumbnails of photos when folder viewed as a webpage - os windows 98 SE
- tried clicking the link but keep getting "page not found" can you please advise the url or tell me how to fix the problem.

  jazzypop 18:19 30 Jan 2004

The original thread is at

click here

In case this URL is also no longer valid for any reason, I have copied my previous reply here -

"Sometimes Millennium chooses to "customize" its display in Explorer all on its own, refusing to display thumbnail pictures in its display. This may be due to a corrupted line in the Registry.
Find out by going through Start, Run, and typing REGSVR32 THUMBVW.DLL without quotes in the Run field. This updates the Registry by inserting the THUMBVW.DLL file to allow viewing of .BMP and .JPG files."

Source - click here Source -

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