Thumbnails from html files

  ChrisP 19:50 08 Mar 2003

I have used Exifomatic to extract the exif data from my digital photos and now have a series of html files, one for each photo. Is there any easy way to convert these html files into thumbnails (i.e. one picture with many small html thumbnails in it?

Thanks for any comments.

  jz 22:30 08 Mar 2003

I don't know if this is what you require, but some photo editing packages (eg Paint Shop Pro) have a browse facility that show all the photos in a directory as lots of thumbnails. I don't think it produces a usable file with these thumbnails in.

  Lú-tzé 22:31 08 Mar 2003

A possibility is to take a screenshot of the page and reduce the size to that which you want. If you hold the Alt key while pressing prtscn key it will take just the active window.

I realise it is not "an easy way" but may work... at least the response will move you up the list again.

  ChrisP 23:51 08 Mar 2003

Thanks for your replies but PaintShopPro won't open html files as they are not pictures. These are text, and my problem is thus to get several text files on one page. Thumbnails is one way to go, another would be to get them all on, say, an A4 page. Doing one file at a time would be a bit time-consuming and I was hoping that someone knew of a program that would work at the folder level.

  Dr Lecter 02:20 09 Mar 2003

I use Irfanview, not sure if it is any use to you.

  Simsy 05:03 09 Mar 2003

what you're trying to do.... but if what you want to do is have a series of thumbnail images as a single HTML file, this can be performed with ACDSee.

ACDSee is an image browser. Similar in use to Windows explorer, with images appearing in the right hand pane. It's very configurable.

From memory, all you do is select the images you want, by highlighting them, then select "Make HTML" from the menu/toolbar. It generates thumbnail images and HTML code to assemble them into a single page. You can also configure where the thumbnails are stored, and, I think, the size of them.

It's often available on coverdiscs, frequently, if not always, with PCPro. A trial can be downloaded from the ACDSee website. I now have a purchased copy, so I'm not sure if it still applies, but the trials used to be for 90 days.

I hope this helps,



  -pops- 06:58 09 Mar 2003

Wouldn't it be easier to produce your thumbnails from the original picture files using a standard photo editor? Or am I missing something?

The part I don't understand about this is why you have converted to HTML so early in your processing. To my way of thinking, HTML is the final process in producing a web compatible format.


  watchful 07:19 09 Mar 2003

Not sure if this is what you want but I have some scanned text files stored under My Pictures (Win XP) and I can print these through the Photo Printing Wizard where one of the options is a sheet of contact prints.

  ChrisP 08:56 09 Mar 2003

Again thanks to all who replied, but no picture scanning program recognises html files. I have Irfanview and tried that earlier and have now confirmed that ACDSee will not work either. Both only 'see' pictures, not text files.

The reason I have html files is that this is the format which is produced by running Exifomatic. This program takes the text data from each digital photo (which is often lost by editing the picture) and makes a text file of it.

The best seems to be to select all the files and then right-click and select 'Open in same window'. That way I get all of them and can browse using the forward and backward buttons of IE6 and go to any one by selecting from the drop-down menu by the Forward button.

I will leave this running a bit longer just in case anyone has any better ideas.

  Simsy 17:15 09 Mar 2003

what you have done....

I'm still not 100% what you want to achieve though?

You've used Exifomatic to extract the digital data before editing, presumeable because you don't want to loose that data. If I'm reading this correctly, each image so treated results in a HTML file that contains just this data.

What you want to do is ammend each HTML file so that it also contains a thumbnail image of the photo in question.... and you also want to combine all of these resultant HTML file into a single HTML file, preferably doing it all in a single step.

Have I assesed that correctly?

If I have I'm not sure I can offer any more assistance, but perhaps, if I have made the problem a little clearer, someone else can.

With apologies if I've got this alll wrong and have just muddied the waters..



  ChrisP 22:38 09 Mar 2003

Thanks, Simsy. It is actually easier than that. I don't want the photos included at all. I have ways of manipulating these separately. The problem is that the exif data is lost by any change to the photo. I can extract these data with Exifomatic but it gives me one html file for every photo, i.e. quite a lot of files which all have text only. Since the info on each file isn't very much, it would be helpful if I could put all the info on one sheet. I can always copy it, of course, but would like to have some more automated way of compiling all these data - thumbnails is one way, another would be a cardfile-like cascade.

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