Thumbnail view has transmogrified itself

  The Belarussian Mafia 11:18 10 Feb 2007

Funny one, this. I have always used 'Thumbnails' view to view folders in 'My pictures'. I could see the name of each folder underneath the respective icons. A couple of weeks ago I accidentally hit the 'shift' key too many times, and switched on some or other feature that helps people with disabilities. I immediately switched this off again, but hey presto, the way all my folders are displayed had also changed, and I haven't been able to change this back.

The most obvious difference, apart from the lack of folder names, is the (unsought) appearance of a rectangular set of menues to the left of the screen whenever I now view folders. They are labelled 'Picture tasks', 'File and folder tasks', 'Other places' and 'Details'. (I have seen these menus on other computers, but never noticed they were not present on mine up to this point.) It seems that when these extra menus are there, everything else gets a bit squeezed for space, and therefore the folder names are omitted to make more space with the 'thumbnails' view.

This is quite annoying, as I name new folders such they they line up in chronological order, but now if I want to do this I can't use 'Thumbnails' view.

  brundle 11:21 10 Feb 2007

Control Panel/Folder Options, select Use Windows Classic Folders.

Get Folder names back;
"Open your folder to display the thumbnails·

Click on the view button and change the view
from Thumbnails to List·

Hold the Shift key down, click on the view icon
and change the view back to thumbnails·

Thumbnails will be displayed and the name of
the file should be under each·

Do the same thing for your folders display"

  The Belarussian Mafia 11:27 10 Feb 2007

Dude! (Hi 5.)

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