vinnyo123 03:54 28 Mar 2003

whats up with these annoying threes popping up all the time???????(in the helproom)

  MAJ 07:09 28 Mar 2003

Advertising, vinnyo123.

  BeeWee 07:50 28 Mar 2003

i feel as though i'm missing out...have never seen the 3's that there is so much discussion about as i use opera as my browser (it's really good too)

  expertec 09:33 28 Mar 2003

I'm using IE6 and most of the 3s seem to have disappeared (phew!!) except for one on the front page.

  vinnyo123 18:16 28 Mar 2003

don't mind it but they put them in real bad spots cannot read most of the questions and response's.They could put them in a spot out of the way.

  Gongoozler 18:19 28 Mar 2003

It's gone too far now! I couldn't get to the PCA Login button until I had closed the 3's.

  Legolas 18:32 28 Mar 2003

vinnyo123 My thread on this subject click here was locked are you related to the FE

  woodchip 18:39 28 Mar 2003

What happens to me is I do not see the 3333 as I use Netscape7 but the Cookie sites are stopping page loading, these are the main cookie sites I have them blocked in Netscape and I do not think they like it.






And they try a lot more than once when trying to load a page, to leave cookie's. so page stop's loading just getting fed-up to teeth with the site and may go ells ware for a week

  Spook Tooth 18:44 28 Mar 2003

When attempting to sign in yesterday, I was caught out and at the time was in a rush - it took more thought than I wanted at that hurried moment to choose close in the top left corner of the ad. Notice they have gone further even today - or maybe that's just my impression.

Spending more time away these days.. If you need a fast answer to ADSL probs, the ADSL has a useful CHAT facility which I only just got round to using. MTU should be 1458/1430 optimised for ADSL (512) with emphasis on optimised and the A bit of a DSL service...

Why I mention it is I feel this thread'll get quite a but of a look in, and it's nice to be able to share knowledge in the event somebody might find archived info useful at some point... may even use the search facility too!

  colberly 18:53 28 Mar 2003

Well I must be one of the lucky ones, they haven't popped up here so I was quite puzzled when I read this thread.

  mikef™ 19:00 28 Mar 2003

I must admit they hadn't bothered me until now but putting it up right over the log in is going to far, it popped up just as I was logging in causing me to link to them by accident, if I want to look at their site I will, but I object to being coerced there this way.

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