Three Mobile Broadband - No Network

  Border View 11:39 22 Jul 2009

I use the Three PAYG dongle for mobile broadband. I have just under 1 gb and 26 days left to run on this top up. This morning when I turned on I am only getting the blue flashing light instead of the green. The dashboard says 2G Orange with Roam. Instead of 3g or the speed broadband letters.

I can just to say connect to the internet. Wont bother trying to do a speed test because I know it will be pathetic.

I am within postcode TD15 2TR and have never had this problem before.

Is anyone else having similar problems with Three Mobile Broadband.

Can anyone please tell me how to get my green light back, a network, and some semblance of speed. Thank you.

  Graphicool1 12:11 22 Jul 2009
  Graphicool1 12:15 22 Jul 2009

Sorry, wrong link, please disregard click here 2TR

  woodchip 12:19 22 Jul 2009

network may be down

  Graphicool1 12:21 22 Jul 2009

What they here

  Border View 16:08 22 Jul 2009

Graphicool1 Could you please give me an outline of what they say because connection is so slow it times out before I get to the screen. Thanks.

Thanks for responding Woodchip.

  Border View 16:10 22 Jul 2009

Should mention that I've been using the dongle in this location for four months without problem.

  mimosa418 16:25 22 Jul 2009

This sort of thing, losing network seems to happen with Three as they update and improve system. I have been using Three dongle for about 18 months and it has happened twice. Once when it lasted for four days Three gave a refund after I contacted their support line.

  Border View 16:42 22 Jul 2009

Can someone please follow Graphicool1's link and tell me what Three are saying. I cant get into the link to read it.

  woodchip 17:03 22 Jul 2009

is first link does not cover your problem. second link you could contact them to find out states of your connection

  woodchip 17:04 22 Jul 2009

PS have you tried the Map Coverage for your area it may have changed

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