Three broadband dongle

  adamagain 00:45 12 Jul 2009

Seem to be downloading at dial up speed on the dongle.

Im only getting one bar signal so i assume thats why.
But just incase do you have to configure the computer in any way or just plug it in and it does everythinh automatic.

Im using IE browser can you change that to help with speed.

  User-1229748 04:39 12 Jul 2009

there are other browsers but i don't think you will gain much in speed.others may have other suggestions but you could try either firefox or opera.i use opera 9 because of lack of memory and find it the quickest but most others would probably say firefox is chrome is another that you could will find them atclick here

  Border View 23:54 12 Jul 2009

I have been using the 3 dongle for three months now. I will be topping up with my £10s worth on Wednesday. Out of the 3gbts the dongle came with I have used just over 1gb. I found a slight increase (from one bar to three bars) in signal strength when I used the dongle usb extension. In fact I went as far as to get a two metre usb extension lead and hung it on a sticky hook on the window.

Doesnt matter how many bars I have it doesnt make any difference to the speed. I use Opera as my browser because IE8 is just too slow. Opera much better. As far as download speeds are concerned the highest I have achieved is about 750. Sometimes it can drop to dial up speed of 56. Upload speeds are just not worth recording.

Also as far as speeds are concerned the time of day you are surfing plays a huge part. I have found that between 9 and 10 in the morning; 12 and 2 lunch time and 5 until 7 at night are the slowest. I also found that leaving it plugged in helps on the speed of my connection.

When you plug the dongle in it configures itself automatically. You will be able to receive e-mails via Outlook Express but if you want to send them you will have to reconfigure your e-mail settings. I therefore use a Yahoo e-mail address for use with the dongle. Makes life much easier.

I could not recommend mobile broadband as an all the time connection to the internet. I have a "proper" ISP whilst at home and when away at our holiday home use the dongle. Keep an eye out for coverage too.

Best of luck.


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