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  laurie53 09:43 24 Jan 2007

I am not getting e-mails when threads I contribute to get updated.

The e-mail box is checked, so what else should I look at?


  FatboySlim71 09:45 24 Jan 2007

Have you checked your spam folder to see if these emails are going there.

  FatboySlim71 09:56 24 Jan 2007

Other than that, just double check the email address you provided when you registered on this forum is correct.

I had a similar problem on another type of forum where I was not receiving notifications to new replies and I found the problem was that i was using an AOL email address, I then changed my email address to an MSN Hotmail address and all was well.

  Jackcoms 12:06 24 Jan 2007

"I am not getting e-mails when threads I contribute to get updated."

You don't get e-mail notification of threads that you CONTRIBUTE to.

You only get e-mail notification when someone responds to a thread you STARTED (and you ticked the appropriate box).

  johndrew 12:16 24 Jan 2007

An addition to Jackcoms accurate comment.

If you want to read threads you have `contributed` to as well as `initiated` easily, they are all in `Your postings` at the top of the column.

I only mention this as it took me a while to realise it covered both.

  laurie53 15:58 24 Jan 2007

Thanks everybody. Put it down to senile decay


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