thread posting 'timeout'?

  p;3 11:03 20 Jan 2007

despite having logged in ,how often do members get an unlogged in page presenting itself when you have composed a reply then click the post response tab?

  Diemmess 11:28 20 Jan 2007

The only occasions when I have been timed-out are when connected to Lloyds online and being very very slow to navigate around.

Sounds more like a problem with your ISP.

  provider 2 11:34 20 Jan 2007

You wouldn`t be on AOL Broadband Silver by any chance?

  p;3 11:40 20 Jan 2007

I have noticed that if I am logged in and composing what becomes a long reply, by the time I get to post it I coud well be logged out ; I am learning to copy and paste now; I THINK this forum may have a time out facility

  Diemmess 11:43 20 Jan 2007

In case you have wicked thoughts of Aol, I would add to earlier post that I AM using Aol BB (Silver)!

  provider 2 11:52 20 Jan 2007

SNAP! I have the same problem as you are experiencing. I get, on average,three minutes to do the typing then its goodbye post. What can be done to stop this happening ,though, I`ve no idea.

  rodriguez 12:00 20 Jan 2007

If you can't find a solution, you could type up your post in Notepad (one continuous line without pressing Return) then paste it into the box and then press Post Response.

  provider 2 12:01 20 Jan 2007

May I ask also, if you are unable to link to some vendors` websites when trying to register programs?

  Diemmess 12:13 20 Jan 2007

Yes. While I can leave a thread in the background for ages and still have access when returning to it, I have found that once a post is started, I have to keep typing or post it quite quickly.

On occasion where perhaps I have looked up something on Google or just delayed while having another "think", the golden prose will just freeze, and it is then too late to copy and try again.

  provider 2 12:25 20 Jan 2007

Sorry for the delay; blasted wind whipped my washing off the line and it was on course for Edinburgh.

  provider 2 12:30 20 Jan 2007

I`ve contacted AOL about this issue but all that transpired was that I spent more than an hour trying to convince them I was not an idiot. They eventually said the matter would be referred to their technical dept. but I have heard nothing since.

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