Thoughts on All in Ones (computers) Please?

  morddwyd 09:02 25 Aug 2015

Been looking to replace a large screen tablet and also a touch screen laptop, and someone has suggested that a wireless all in one might do both jobs.

Anybody got any thoughts? I'm usually static, bed or chair, with overbed/overchair table, so the extra weight is not likely to be a major factor but anything else come to mind?

I don't need links as I know which general direction I'm going, just your distilled wisdom please!

  morddwyd 09:37 28 Aug 2015


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 12:21 28 Aug 2015

I've always tended to avoid them as generally they are similar to a large laptop and therefore not really able to change things like the graphics card etc. or add extra internal drives.

Then again I'm a "tinkerer" had my last pc open first day I had it to fit a floppy drive I probably used twice in 8 years :0)

  Secret-Squirrel 12:25 28 Aug 2015

Anybody got any thoughts? I'm usually static, bed............

I'm not sure that an AIO will be suitable. They can be very heavy, and for use in bed, I doubt very much that you'll be able to adjust the angle of the screen sufficiently.

  chub_tor 16:52 28 Aug 2015

Is there such a thing as a truly wireless All in One? Won't it need to be connected to a power socket or do they make them battery powered like a laptop?

  Dragon_Heart 17:42 28 Aug 2015

This is a list compiled by Which

I, like Fruit Bat, would tend to avoid these type of machines, some even lack a DVD drive but take a look at the list and see for yourself.

Many do come with a built in battery and some have an option for an external battery too.

  morddwyd 20:02 28 Aug 2015


Though in bed, I do have an overbed table so weight is not a factor. My current 15" touichscreen laptop is not exactly lightweight!

I have seen one or two that have a "kick-out" stand like the Surface Pro, and I have a couple of spare optical drives that I can stick in a caddy if required - I also can't remember the last time I needed one - and my homebuild desktop satisfies my need to tinker (which is not as urgent as it used to be!).

Wire less only refers to the keyboard and mouse, I should have mad that clear

Please keep the thoughts coming, at the very least they're making me review my own thoughts.

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