Those wretched forms- that insist on

  jack 10:34 24 Jun 2009

A phone number and other detail that is
A not relevant
you/me are prepared to give out in a particular instance

For example joining a product forum and their request for a landline/mobile phone number.
Sorry no way will they get it
Sometimes I make one up or simply type in the Field 'not available.'
only occasionally with the site software accept a filled field even if it is rubbish.
Currently I am trying to join the Apple forum for my newly acquired iTouch
It wont accept a rubbish phone number
It insists I fill in my address and give a state
even though of course I am not in the US
and so on.

So do you folk have workarounds to fool the forms?

  Peter 10:53 24 Jun 2009


In America the Telephone Area Code 555 is not allocated and is used in TV programmes & Films as a Dummy number, but this is not the case in the UK.

When I ring British Gas the automatic answering system asks me to enter my telephone number, I think, because mine is withheld. I enter 02080000000 and it is accepted. I have heard that the numbers entered are harvested and used for telephone sales.

In fields, that insist on an entry, I use ALT 0160 (Press and hold the ALT Key and tap 0160 on the Numeric Pad). This enters a character that looks like a space, but is treated as a printable character.

If an email address is required you could use a Disposable or 24 Hour email address.


  gazzaho 10:59 24 Jun 2009

I always use an old number, one I no longer use from an old pay as you go mobile, so far it's worked for me. I also have a google mail set up for any site that I think may generate spam.

  jack 11:03 24 Jun 2009

I have actually recently set up googlemail for this sort of thing
Will try Peters wheezes see what happens.

  lotvic 11:22 24 Jun 2009

Using US Address to Set Up Apple account click here (Australian forum)

They seem to have tried most things :)

  jack 12:06 24 Jun 2009

The things folk will try.
Will have a play some time.

Meanwhile , having got my 'Touch' on Saturday last
I think I have 'Killed' it already, in trying to get stuff off directly and not through the PC./ITunes.

So I have an appointment for 17.00 hrs at the Apple Bluewater store.

Such fun.

  lotvic 23:34 24 Jun 2009

jack, I think we're all a bit 'touched' on 'ere ;-)

  jack 08:00 25 Jun 2009

Looking at the crowds around the tech desk in the Apple Store- either I am in good company[ Folk breaking their toys] or these things [iPods of all types] break very easily.
When my turn came a personable you lady listened to my tale of woe,took up an Ophthalmoscope and peered down the USB hole plugged the device into a lappie and reloaded the firmware -job done.
The firmware loaded was a version 2 - so when I got home I upped it to v.3 and now we start over.

She said as I was about to take my leave - no worries- if you are in trouble again and it is the device - we will swap it out no question.
So no probs with Apple then.

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