To those who work with photos in Windows

  mooly 18:50 05 Jul 2010

Some of you may remember this that puzzled me,
click here

I know we cam to the conclusion that Windows Phoo Gallery "held" info... but where ?

Well the actual place all the data is held is here,
C:\Users\ username>\Appdata\Local\Microsoft\Windows Photo Gallery\Original

I have dozens of "old original" pictures in this folder, all of which can be opened just by clicking on them. Normal disk cleanups don't remove them... and for anyone that does a lot of work with piccys this folder could be huge in size.

  mooly 19:31 05 Jul 2010

Just to add I've deleted all the old images in there... and it's also cleared up another "weird" mystery.
Format card to defaults... take loads of piccys and put card in PC to work with them. What occasionally happened was an "old" piccy from months ago used to show in the "thumbnail" images on the SD card. Just one or two, now and again... how could that be, how could that possibly happen when the cards been formatted. And now I know, a glitch/Windows error ? and it pulled an old image from this hidden folder and displayed that instead. Clicking refresh while displaying the card contents always cleared it.

So remember... you might have some long lost hidden piccys still on your PC.

I'm really pleased to have found this out :)

  hssutton 20:26 05 Jul 2010

Mooly I think you've just discovered what most people already know.

Memorycards are just like hard drives. Format only deletes the directory info not the actual photo files. That's why there are so many photo recovery program available.

click here is one such program it's free for recovering photos. Download it and run a formatted/deleted card and see for yourself.

Two years ago I deleted an important photo from my hard drive, so I used zero assumption to scan my drive. Many thousands of images where recovered, fortunately including the one I'd accidently deleted.

  mooly 07:15 06 Jul 2010

Hi hssutton,

Mentioning an SD card might have caused confusion, I did it as the numbers showed easily in an example. I realise you can recover deleted images, but that isn't what I meant :)
In fact it turns out that if you edit a picture on the card directly (or HDD if the pictures there), the original image from the card (or HDD) is created as a new duplicate file (a .jpg picture) without your knowledge on your HDD in this "hidden" folder. And that's the "missing" info. You can bin the card... the HDD has grabbed the full image.

The big mystery for me (and this is what the other thread was about) was this "reverting" thing and this "missing" data required to do it. Nobody mentioned the "original images" folder and file path that leads to this folder.
It appears that every time you alter a photo in WPG (Windows Photo Gallery), and whether it's on an external device such as an SD card or the internal HDD doesn't matter, a copy of the original is created in this "original images" folder. This is the image that is used to revert any changes in the original at any time you wish.

Really interesting and for me mystery solved. Thanks for the link... useful to know :)

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