Those green underlined words on this site ...

  Kate B 17:50 26 Feb 2004

... are driving me nuts. I didn't mind them at first, accepting that they're a useful way of raising some dosh. But there seem to be more of them and it's hard to move the mouse around any page in the forums without the text being obscured by the boxes they generate. Can they be reined in a bit please? Otherwise I'm going to start making d**n sure I never, ever compose a post that has any of those keywords in it.

  Belatucadrus 22:39 26 Feb 2004

Use Mozilla Firefox, quicker than Internet Explorer and the green underlining doesn't show up click here

  Forum Editor 23:05 26 Feb 2004

but they're a fact of life I'm afraid. This site costs a good deal of money to maintain, and we need to generate advertising revenue if it's to remain a free resource. All advertising irritates someone - there's no ideal - but we think the underlined words are fairly innocuous. Since their inception we have had very few complaints, and we have no plans to discontinue them.

  IClaudio 00:11 27 Feb 2004

Oh, another benefit of Firefox ;)

Hadn't noticed...

  Forum Editor 01:28 27 Feb 2004

none of you will click on them we'll receive no revenue, and we'll have to close the forum down - it's as simple as that.

If that's what you call a benefit then so be it.

  IClaudio 08:45 27 Feb 2004

that I, or most of the others here, would see that as a benefit.

If the links are so important, then there must be a way to get them to show up in every browser, including Mozilla.

Ironically, it was you, FE, that made my mind to install Firefox: it had been on my machine for some days before I saw your post over in ConsumerWatch...


  Belatucadrus 11:18 27 Feb 2004

Well then FE, I've done you a favour, now you know you need to revise the code in the green underling links in order for Firefox to pick it up. I have a feeling Opera doesn't see it either, oh the wonders of cross platform compatability, have fun.

  Kate B 11:51 27 Feb 2004

Hm, I've never come across the green-underlining thing anywhere else - isn't there enough regular advertising out there to support the site?

I can promise all advertisers that I will never, ever follow a link from any form of intrusive or annoying advertising. I'd love to see some research on what kind of advertising is considered acceptable and unacceptable by regular folk like me.

Unfortunately the nanny IT system here (we refer to it with an SH in front of it) won't let me install Firefox but I'll be having a very close look at it for home use.

  vinnyo123 12:38 27 Feb 2004

Had to add my comment! To tell you the truth this underline thing DOESN'T actually bother me seems to be the best I have seen yet.Better than POP-UPS
in my opion ,and deffiniatly better than ad-ware that will download some kind off script and track you.I believe keep the underline approach and dump AVE A.

  vinnyo123 12:44 27 Feb 2004

curious if a web site generates cash for using links to other web sites?

  joelmb 15:05 27 Feb 2004

They are pretty inocuous but at the same time I find it hard to beleive they really create much revenue to keep the site up and running. I'm sure your statistics could prove me wrong though, but I personally would never click on them. Though more in your face, at least with a banner advert the ad designer gets a chance to make the ad interesting enough for users to click through, and thus make revenue for your site.

I think your comment FE:

"If none of you see the ad links none of you will click on them we'll receive no revenue, and we'll have to close the forum down - it's as simple as that. If that's what you call a benefit then so be it."

Is a tad over-defensive; Im certain you're more inclined to users having free choice rather than emotional blackmail statements.

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