Those fishy webcams again....

  grumpy old git 13:03 04 Oct 2005

Thanks to everyone who visited the webcams yesterday. Briefly the analysis is that 44% of visitors saw the cams but unfortunately none with IE did. Checking the daily logs for the cams reflects this at 40% accessing the cams but I have no way of knowing which browser they used. Those of you who have tried 'live' video on their web sites will know of the difficulties involved. This is the second time I have tried Java applets but have been disappointed by their apparent limited browser acceptance.

I have re-instated Windows media on the web site, would you all be kind enough to visit the webcams and let me know if you see live video, remember to allow time for the buffering and also let me know which browser you used. "click here" Thank you for your help, grumpy old git.

  De Marcus™ 15:04 04 Oct 2005

IE 6 works a charm now.

  Forum Editor 15:22 04 Oct 2005

let's stick to this one from now on.

  ade.h 20:17 04 Oct 2005

It says "connecting to media" for a while, then "ready" but nothing is displayed. Have tried playing from a right-click. Using Firefox

  grumpy old git 23:05 04 Oct 2005

Thank you for trying ade.h but at 8.00 pm it is dark in the north of Scotland and the cameras would have been off-line at that time.

  bremner 09:52 05 Oct 2005

Just tried it - No change -

Works on Opera 8.5 but not on Firefox 1.0.7 or IE7 beta - all have Java enabled

  grumpy old git 10:28 05 Oct 2005

Oops sorry , bremner. I loaded up the java pages in error. The windows media pages are up now. It looks like I will have use media player so people can see the cams, after all that is the reason for having them on a web page although my own preference would be the java applet option. Not sure what FE means by no more threads so I won't go in to the discussion of media player or applet, pity because I would like to know why supposedly cross browser applets dont always work!

  bremner 11:50 05 Oct 2005

FE means you have started at least three threads on the same subject - it is always better to stick to one - that way those seeking to help have the benefit of what has been said before.

If a problem is completely different then a new thread should be started.

  bremner 11:52 05 Oct 2005

Have just tried now on IE6 and it is fine - very clear with good sound too

  grumpy old git 12:57 05 Oct 2005

Oh! I see, yes it would be confusing, got the picture now sorry FE. In that case does anyone know why if java is enabled etc why applets do not work accross different browsers. Everyone reported the applet did not work in IE and yet it worked on my computer IE and F/Fox. I am sure I can not be the only person trying to run live webcams and from my point of view Java is easier for me than Windows media (2 clicks of the mouse rather than 5) Seriously though there are other reasons why the applet is a better choice for me has anyone experienced similar frustration. Thank you all, grumpy old git.

  Taran 13:06 05 Oct 2005

Not all browsers can render Java as well as others, or even at all.

Just as some browsers mangle CSS and complex (X)HTML, others trip over their own feet when it comes to Java applets.

It doesn't help when some people don't have a recent Java runtime installed, or where their router/firewall may be filtering Java applets with or without their knowledge.

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