Thomson TG712 router password question

  laptopdunce 20:53 10 Sep 2012

I am trying to connect my smartphone wifi to my Thomson TG721 router which operates my home broadband. I think that the factory reset code that came with the router has been changed, as the WiFi on the phone wont accept the WEP (hex) and WPA PSK code (which are the same) wont be accepted by the phone, it says "authenticating" then changes to "diconnected". My question is: How do I find out what the password is for the Thomson LG712 router which operates my home broadband? I have found a default i.p number for the router (it is in Holland) but I can only find a page in the "toolbox" for altering the password but you have to know the current password in order to change it. What can I do to find out the password my router is using to operate my laptop and then be able to connect the WiFi on my smartphone to, thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:59 10 Sep 2012

If the router has a reset button press and hold for 5 seconds and the password is reset to that printed on the label on the router

  laptopdunce 22:48 10 Sep 2012

there is a button on the front of the router with a kind of Wifi antennae logo on it, and a power on and off switch on the back next to where the cable from the power adaptor plugs into the router at the back. what will be the number it resets the password to? there is a label on the bottom of the router that has alot of different numbers on it, like SSID Thomson B0EA62, WEP (Hex) B8C39D7AC7, WPA PSK: B8C39D7AC7, Wireless PIN: 2389-3788 - there are 3 sets of codes on the bar code label under the router 1 - BULK number, 2, MRC nr, 3, Modem access code number, it seems IMPOSSIBLE to know which one the reset button will reset the password to if one sees all of the 8 different numbers on various labels underneath the router - I thought there was a way to actually "see" which password the router is currently using? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE PS its a Thomson TG712 model router.

  retep888™ 00:05 11 Sep 2012

click here for a youtube clip for how to find out the wireless key with a win7 pc which I think is a Windows flaw. "you can click to skip the ad"

click here for a Thomson TG712 router data sheet ,you'll see a tiny Reset hole in the middle of the side & between the vents however this is the last resort for a hardware reset.

There is a software reset as well, proceed as follows:

1 Browse to the Thomson Gateway Web Interface.

2 On the Thomson Gateway menu, click Configuration.

3 In the Pick a task list, click Reset my Thomson Gateway to default settings.

4 The Thomson Gateway restores the initial configuration and restarts.

5 The Thomson Gateway returns to the Thomson Gateway home page (unless the IP address of your computer is not in the same subnet as the default IP address of the Thomson Gateway, being

  laptopdunce 10:00 11 Sep 2012

Thanks for that Retep888, this is the way I wanted to do it really without interfering with the thomson routers codes, however, I have a windows vista computer, I looked at the youtube link you sent, this is for windows 7, but I kinda figured it out a bit from the start menu and I then went into the control panel and opened "netword & sharing centre, went through all the rigmarole of Wireless network connection to status - wireless properties - connection & security tab which opens a window saying - Security type: WPA2 personal then Encryption type: TKIP, then Network security key, and the dots representing the password BUT then the little box underneat for "show characters" is only light grey and not clickable??? what do I do now?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE - PS I can see that there are only 9 dots in the password box so this means that its NOT going to be the default code which is BXC39D7AC7 which is 10 characters long. I seem to remmeber when the monteur installed all this set up (i paid extra to have the telephone & internet company install all this as I am a bit of a dunce and didnt fancy doing all the set-up myself) they asked me what password I wanted and they would programme it to what I wanted - but of course I cant remember what that was!! Arent I a fool?? LAPTOPDUNCE

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 11:35 11 Sep 2012

the little box underneat for "show characters" is only light grey and not clickable??? what do I do now?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

You need to log in as an administrator to be able to click the show characters box

  laptopdunce 13:16 11 Sep 2012

Right, Thanks Fruitbat, how do I do that?? is that something to do with the UAC control? do I have to turn that off and then try again? I seem to remember having to do this to allow programmes to install or remove programmes from the computer?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  retep888™ 15:09 11 Sep 2012

I can see that there are only 9 dots in the password box so this means that its NOT going to be the default code which is BXC39D7AC7 which is 10 characters long.

This is Windows default security measures, doesn't represent the exact number of keys.

It's a bit tricky with a Vista PC, since you're still connected to the router then proceed as follows:

1 Browse to the Thomson Gateway Web Interface by typing onto a browser on a computer that is already connected to your network, enter username & password.

2 On the Home Network menu, click Wireless.

3 In the upper-right corner, click Details.

4 The wireless Access Point page appears. Under: Configuration,you can find the networkname(SSID). Security, you can find the encryption keys.(you may have to hover your mouse to view)

If none of your computers is connected to your network, connect a computer using a wired connection and follow the procedure above to find out what your wireless settings are.

P.S. Try changing the passkeys to something else you can remember with at least 10 digits on WPA1 or WPA2, if you still insist using those default ones then at least add in a few more digits.

  laptopdunce 17:06 11 Sep 2012

Right, thanks Retep888, I have done that, I got that IP adres ( to change the language to English, and then did what you said in "wireless" and then to "configuration" but it only gives ThomsonBOEA62 as the Network name (SSID) and there is no way to hove the mouse to show any other details on there. Just out of curiosity I went into the "devices" tab under the Home Network tab and found that the Thomson TG712 router is shown with my IP adres number, then there were 3 items underneath, 1 = unknown (with an odd symbol next to it, like an aerial with 3 or 4 left facing bars/arms) then 2 = WLAN with a WiFi type symbol next to it and then 3 = unknown also with odd icon next to it BUT on these three devices it shows an 8 character name which I think COULD be the password?? do you think so too?? I will try it on the Alacatel smart phone and see if it works, its an 8 letter name only, no mixed letter and numbers. I can only think this was put in by the monteur who set it all up as I have am sure I didnt assign this word to the devices shown. What do you think?? thanks LAPTOPDUNCE

  laptopdunce 17:22 11 Sep 2012

Its not the 8 character word, I just HATE these horrible computers and phones!!! what a NIGHTMARE!!! laptopdunce

  laptopdunce 18:05 11 Sep 2012

this is what it says on the "wireless access point" page:-

Wireless Access Point - ThomsonB0EA62


Interface Enabled:


Physical Address:


Network Name (SSID):


Interface Type:


Actual Speed:

54 Mbps


2.4G Hz

Channel Selection:






Allow multicast from Broadband Network:



Broadcast Network Name:


Allow New Devices:

New stations are allowed (automatically)

Security Mode:


WPA-PSK Preshared Key:


WPA-PSK Encryption:


WPA-PSK Version:


according to me it should be the B8C39D7AC7 which should be the password, but this is not it as the smartphone just says "authenticating" and then "disconnected" - I just dont know what to do now. LAPTOPDUNCE

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