Thomson TG585 Query

  echoUK 18:22 20 Apr 2009

Hi all,

I upgraded my broadband package the other day and I received my wireless router this morning which is a Thomson TG585.

Anyway, I opened the box, plugged all the cables in and followed the 'simple' step-by-step instructions that I received, in order to get it working, etc. When I set it up, I had the router connected into my laptop via an ethernet cable, as was shown and described in the instructions.

However, I'm the only person in the house that uses the wireless connections and I would like to use my laptop all over the house, without having to have it connected to the Thomson router via ethernet all the time.

My PS3 and iPod both connected to my wireless fine without a problem. However, it seems that I can only connect to the net on my laptop if my laptop is connected via the ethernet cable.

Is it possible for me to somehow set it up so that I can use my laptop around the house because that's what I was looking forward to. I'm a bit disappointed at the moment that I can only get on the net when I have the ethernet connected.

I tried unplugging the ethernet and connecting to my wireless without it plugged in and it came up as connected, however when I opened my Internet browser I got the screen you get when you aren't connected to the net and it asked me to connect, etc.

I've used my brother's wireless connection when I've been at his and he just has his plugged into his phone line and he can use his laptop wherever he wants. But at the moment with me, I have my wireless connected to the phone socket with the ADSL filters, etc but I also have it connected to my laptop via ethernet, which I don't want if possible.

Is there anyway that I can setup the router so that I can access my wireless anywhere in the house, like I can do with my iPod and PS3? I didn't get any CD software; I just got a little printed instruction thing which I followed the instructions to, but it only explained how to set up with having it connected via ethernet.

I'm sorry about the long thread, but I've tried explaining my problem and how I have it set up so that if anybody knows how to do this stuff then they can have a bit of an idea as to what I'm trying to do.

Thanks to anybody who can help me.

  mgmcc 20:57 20 Apr 2009

Have you gone through the procedure to "Connect" to the wireless network? In other words, have you run the wireless adapter's software, scanned for "Available Wireless Networks", found and highlighted the one that matches your router's SSID (network name) and selected the option to "Connect" to it? You should be prompted to enter any WEP or WPA encryption key and, once "Connected", the wireless adapter should get its IP address by DHCP from the router and you should have network and internet access.

  echoUK 22:36 20 Apr 2009

I didn't get any software with the router. It came with a sheet of paper which ran me through the stages to get it set-up. Once I had my cables plugged in and the ethernet connected to my laptop I had to open my Internet browser and the Thomson page was displayed. From here I entered my Internet settings such as my username and password and I went through the steps as was shown on the sheet of paper.

After I had setup my router through this Thomson page thing, then I opened the dialog box where it lists the wireless connections found and my connection is there. I clicked on it and then clicked the connect button which I was then prompted to enter that WPA key which I did and pressed ok, it then connected and I could surf the net fine.

It's just when I try and connect through wireless itself on my laptop, without having to have it connected to the router with the ethernet that I get the problem. Again, in the dialog box where it lists the wireless connections within range, mine is listed and I click on it and press the 'Connect' button and again I am prompted to enter the WPA key (which it is already saved from when I used it before) and then when I press ok it just says 'Acquiring network address' and this is what it stays like. Nothing else happens.

As I said though I can connect to wireless fine with my iPod Touch, PS3 and on my Mum's little notebook. It's just my laptop where I have the problem connecting.

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