Thinking of upgrading to Windows XP?

  Simsy 10:12 02 Sep 2006

I just chanced upon the following offer from Amazon;

click here

Basically, the upgrade version of WinXP home is £81.97, inc delivery, and you get a £40 Amazon voucher.

If you use amazon for other things this is proably a good deal.



  wolfie3000 10:18 02 Sep 2006

That is a good deal and i would reccomand upgrading to xp as its more stable and will be supported for longer by Microsoft.

  wee eddie 11:14 02 Sep 2006

Where are you now?

What OS are you running< What Spec is your PC? What peripherals do you have at the Present?

If running ME you have nothing to loose. If running 98se it is debatable.

  Simsy 11:43 02 Sep 2006

I already have XP... I chanced upon when looking for something else.

I posted as I thought it might be useful info for others thinking of upgrading.

At what, for those who spend on Amazon anyway, becomes £41, it seems a cheap deal.



  palinka 18:27 02 Sep 2006

sounds like a very good offer - but XP is much more memory-hungry than (say) Win 98, so a system that was designed to run 98 will struggle to run XP.

  LABMAN 18:58 02 Sep 2006

Hi folks,

I may be missing the point here but is an upgrade version of Windows XP not tied to the pc it's installed on and if so would it not make more sense to purchase and OEM version for around the £65 mark and gain the benefits of a totally fresh and clean installation.

  961 19:31 02 Sep 2006

Not if the original windows 98se or Me is a retail version

In that case you can transfer to a new pc later providing you remove the o/s from your existing pc

However, you are right in asking if you would actually want to do that

Buying a new system from Dell or whoever for a starting price of around £300 which includes windows xp oem (worth £60 or so if you buy yourself) makes you think that the way to go is the new computer and keep the old one for spares or to give away

  Simsy 19:58 02 Sep 2006

As I understand it you can do a totally fresh installation with the upgrade disc anyway... you need to provide the original, previous, OS disc during instalation as a means of showing validity.

Though it would be tied to the PC if the original was OEM, it's no more of a bind than buying an OEM version of XP.

Also, with respect, regarding your last paragraph, there is one heck of a difference between spending £40 to get get XP, and £300 for a new PC! There may be instances where there is merit in your thinking, and that £240 difference may not mean much to some folk, but it sure means an awful lot to me! I'm a little uncomfortable with the way £240 seems to be dismissed!

(No offence taken, by the way, and I don't want to start a fight!)



  woodchip 20:29 02 Sep 2006

I would not Pay £81.97 for XP. more like click here

  LABMAN 23:06 02 Sep 2006


I can see where your coming from but lets face it how many of us actually own a retail version of any Windows O/S.

Most of us have all bought our pc's from one of the hight street shops so have an OEM version and surely once the update version has been installed and validated it can't be reinstalled on another pc after wards just like an OEM vesrsion.

Simsy yes your right theres an awful difference between £40 and £300 it's ok if you have the money but if your old pc's suits your needs and is doing what you want of and all you need or required is XP I see no harm in upgrading if you gets you by for another few years.

  Simsy 06:14 03 Sep 2006

but I don't know, that the upgrade version is NOT tied to the machine it is upgrading...

In the same way that a retail version can be reused, providing that the first PC it's installed on is either destroyed, or has it uninstalled.

However, buying it at £41, to upgrade, or buying OEM at £60... about £20 difference. I guess it depends on your hardware. Remember that OEM shouldn't be used as an upgrade anyway, only installed on a "new build" machine.



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