Thinking of 'upgrading' to IE7?

  Technotiger 19:19 22 Nov 2006

Hi, these are just some of the 'faults/problems' listed on here over the last few days - though I do understand some of you have not had any problems with IE7.

Problems with PDF files.
Very slow at loading pages.
Changes shortcut icons.
Not opening some pages.
Failed install attempts.
Canon printers not working.
Problems streaming audio.
Disabled themes in AOL.
Downloads timing-out.
Shuts down when trying to view video clips.
Shuts down when clicking on links.
Throws a wobbly without latest M'soft updates.
Computers hanging/crashing/closing down after installing IE7.
Windows updates installing IE7 without asking first.

Unfortunately I am not one of the 'lucky' ones who have not had problems with IE7. Just thought it would be interesting, and might help someone, to see a list all in one place. But don't get me wrong, I am not knocking IE7, in fact I like it - or will do when the problems are all ironed out, eventually.



  Jackcoms 19:23 22 Nov 2006

I'll be steering clear of IE7 for a long time yet.

It's interesting (or should that be disappointing?) to see the increasing number of threads in the Forums along the lines of "I'm having problems with IE7 because .....".

Me wonders if MS brought it out of Beta a tad early.

  961 19:27 22 Nov 2006

Can't help thinking there really is no reason to move to IE7 until most of the bugs have been ironed out

  birdface 19:28 22 Nov 2006

Think you missed a few,As Well getting it sorted now as later,So jump before you are pushed,I wonder if there was anyone who never had any problems, if we could hear from all those , it would not take long,Wait till they all get Vista, If you think its bad now.

  Technotiger 19:31 22 Nov 2006

Hi, you are right, I'm sure I have missed a few; and as for Vista ...... Woweee!

  woodchip 19:33 22 Nov 2006

You missed the, it knocks E-Mail out

  rsinbad 19:38 22 Nov 2006

No perblems here with the final IE7 works well, some good features much better than IE6. The only problem i had was when it was beta (online banking problem) This issue was resolved in the final build.

  skidzy 19:46 22 Nov 2006

I must be one of the lucky ones :-))

So far i have had no problems to date with IE7 and thats on 3 machines (no doubt something will happen tonight now).

Though to be honest,im a Firefox Fan and this is my main browser,then Opera and IE7.IE is always open and does get used as FF dose not always accept certain webpages.

So Far So Good :-))))

  Technotiger 19:51 22 Nov 2006

Hi Guys,

it is great to get the Positive feeds as well, that is what I was hoping for - something perhaps to help convince me!


  Curio 20:02 22 Nov 2006

Installed IE7 from MS Update, PC threw a Wobbler. System Restore and now Using Mozilla Firefox

  Technotiger 20:06 22 Nov 2006

Again, as a matter of interest, anyone wishing to revert back to IE6 after trying IE7 simply has to uninstall IE7 using Control Panel Add/Remove, and IE6 will automatically be restored. No need to do a System Restore.


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