thinking of getting a DVD writer

  Sunny-275842 02:22 22 Apr 2003

can anybody suggest what dvd-rw i can get for a cheap price around £130-£180ish? it has to be 4x speed in writing no slower!



  temp003 03:15 22 Apr 2003

The fastest speeds for the respective media, as far as I know are:

DVD-R 4x
DVD+R 4x
DVD+RW 2.4x

So when you say no slower than 4x, you are in fact asking for the top speed, and your price range may be a little optimistic.

click here for an idea of the range of products available.

If you've decided on the DVD minus platform, there are a few models close to your price range - Asus and Pioneer.

I'm a little surprised that the DVD minus writers are not cheaper. You may be able to get cheaper ones somewhere else.

Personally I would opt for the DVD plus platform, or at least hedge one's bets and choose a rewriter which can write media from both platforms, such as the Sony DRU500A.

NEC is releasing an ND-1300 in May which is pretty close to your price range, and writes both DVD plus and minus media.

NEC also makes pretty cheap DVD plus writers and is not a bad choice.

Note that the cheaper models come with little included software. It works well if you already have software which can record DVDs, but if you don't, you have to factor in the price of additional software which you may have to purchase. That is why the Sony dual platform writer is actually quite reasonably priced.

  Sunny-275842 16:30 23 Apr 2003

whats the difference between them 2? DVD+ and DVD-?

  -pops- 18:48 23 Apr 2003

Have a look at this - tells you all you could want to know!

click here


  temp003 04:51 24 Apr 2003

The DVD minus camp is the earlier standard set by the official DVD Forum (main player is Pioneer). The DVD plus camp is a later standard supported by some large players such as Philips, Sony, HP, Dell and so on.

Naturally each camp claims to be the better standard and more compatible with DVD ROMs and home DVD players.

If you intend to use the DVD writer mainly for data storage, and the disks are to be used mainly on your own computer, compatibility is not a big issue. DVD+RW can rewrite at 2.4x maximum while DVD-RW is 2x. Max write speed for +R and -R is the same at 4x.

If you intend to create DVD videos/movies to be played on your home DVD player, you need to know which format your home DVD player can read. That may dictate your choice.

To create DVD videos on DVD minus, to be played on home players, the DVD minus takes a fairly long time to do the formatting before you can start writing on the disk, whereas DVD plus takes a few minutes first to do the initial formatting, then you can start writing to the disk, while background formatting is continued.

DVD minus writers should be cheaper to buy, and so are DVD minus disks, at least for the moment.

Microsoft is going to have native support for the DVD plus format in its next OS, so it gives the DVD plus camp a slight boost. But computer and audio/visual standards change so quickly, it probably doesn't matter either way. There are enough big players on either camp to support either format in the next few years.

  scotty 08:57 24 Apr 2003

Have a look here click here for competative prices on DVD writers.

At the moment, only Sony have a unit which is both + & - but if you can wait the NEC ND1300 is due soon and is within your price range.

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