Thinking of buying a used laptop and need some advice

  sydsnott 00:16 24 Feb 2015

The machine in question was supplied ex factory with Windows 8. The rescue media are also therefore "Windows 8" meaning that I first need to update to "Windows 8.1".

Are there any differences once that is done to a machine supplied ex factory with"Windows 8.1" already installed?

Also, with the impending launch of "Windows 10", and the "Free Upgrade" offer from Microsoft, would I qualify for this?

  sydsnott 11:27 24 Feb 2015

Thanks Jock1e, I don't own it yet!

It was supplied Ex-factory with "Windows 8", I presume the Medion Restore Disk will re-set to W8.

It's a bit of a beast, (Medion Erazer) with an i7-3630QM CPU and 16GB RAM plus NVIDIA® GeForce® GTX 670MX DirectX® 11 graphics with 1536 MB GDDR5 memory and digital HDMI® audio/video output + NVIDIA® Optimus(TM) technology. It also has a Hard disk capacity: 750.0 Gigabyte and an additional 128.0 Gigabyte SSD.

Not sure in view of its complexity, if upgrading to "W10" would be messy with driver issues etc. Is that offer reversible I wonder?

  wee eddie 12:53 24 Feb 2015

W7 and W8 will be eligible for free update to W10.

It sounds a beast of a machine and if you want a gamer, it could be the biz.

However, you must think: Why is it being sold at a reduced price? If you can live with the answer, there is some sort of warranty and the price is good, then go for it.

  robin_x 13:30 24 Feb 2015

Forget all about W10 for a good few weeks (at least).

Get used to the machine and its foibles first.

You won't know otherwise what the cause of problems and missing features might be (and there are a fair few).

W10 isn't scheduled for proper release till the autumn and the free upgrade is supposed to be within a year of that.


There is a Rollback feature for W10, but it can go wrong.

I wouldn't attempt anything anyway without a full System Image of all relevant partitions to an external drive.

That's something you might consider too otherwise you are relying on a single USB Recovery drive.

  sydsnott 13:37 24 Feb 2015

wee eddie, Ah! would that life came with a warranty, I would have made few claims by now. lol I'm not a gamer, but want some grunt for video and photo editing.

  sydsnott 13:47 24 Feb 2015

Thanks robintheumpteenth. agreed, it would be sensible for me to get to know the machine prior to tinkering with the OS. I have no idea how the drives are apportioned or even how to create an image. That, despite having purchased Trueimage back in 2009.

"otherwise you are relying on a single USB Recovery drive."

Not sure what you mean here.

  sydsnott 13:56 24 Feb 2015

Jock1e, agreed, mind you I was one of life's unfortunates who thought that Vista just had to be better than XP!


  sydsnott 14:01 24 Feb 2015

Just a thought, is there any likelihood of assistance from Medion with the upgrade to W10?

  robin_x 14:43 24 Feb 2015

I've been using W10 Build 9926 for last 3-4 weeks. I have had to Repair Install it twice due to it breaking.

Rumours say, another new Technical Preview build is due out in 1-4 weeks.


'...relying on a single USB Recovery drive'

Means if it is corrupted, or lost or any problem, you'll have to mess around fixing your system.

For important stuff, you should never rely on a single backup.

  sydsnott 16:56 24 Feb 2015

Jock1e, No, I've not used any Windows OS's since getting this Vista machine. It's still my Primary Windows Desktop despite it crumbling to dust!

I also have a couple of other machines running Linux which despite my rather scant knowledge, run pleasingly well.

robintheumpteenth, I have a couple of external drives on which I've attempted to make Acronis images though I've never had to do a restore in earnest, nor do I have confidence it would work!... and that is just with old 32 bit PATA technology!

God knows how I would manage with the SSD/Conventional SATA HDD combination on this laptop!

Can anyone just download and install these W10 builds like you can with linux? No need to own an existing COA. If so I wouldn't mind loading it onto one of my Linux machines to try it. Would you at some point be given a licence for it?

  sydsnott 17:34 24 Feb 2015

Thanks Jock1e, had a quick browse,they seem to think that you MUST be installing on a machine which was previously running some iteration of Windows....can't make out if that's a requirement, or just conceit on the part of Microsoft Almighty!

Have to admit, I know sod all about BIOS. George Burns once said of Flowers, "at my age, they scare me"

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