Thinking of buying my camera on EBAY

  herc182 22:07 21 Mar 2005

Was thinking of getting my camera (FZ20 or FZ5) on Ebay since it is miles cheaper

FZ20 (click here)
FZ5(click here)

I have used EBAY before but my concerns are as follows:

1 - Has anyone bought electrical goods of value on Ebay? what happens if they break?
2 - If it is shipped from the US or Hong kong, if i have to pay taxes on it, what are they likely to be?
3 - Will panasonics 1 year warranty still be valid in the UK if the camera is bought in the states or hong kong.
4 - does ebay provide any protection on big purchases such as these?

Thank you in advance for your help, as it would be greatly appreciated.
I had a search on the forum for this topic but nothing relevant turned up (that i saw anyway!).


  alan227 22:31 21 Mar 2005

The first one is second hand so no warranty although the person does have 100% good feedback.
I have had things from Hong Kong but only low value items and have never been asked to pay tax.
But looking at the feedback to that one he has som very negative feedback if things go wrong and I doubt any warranty would be honoured in the UK, although I stand to be corrected on this.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 22:39 21 Mar 2005

1) return to supplier. You will have to pay postage costs etc.

2) stick on £39 for postage, VAT at 17.5% and around 6% import duty. On £350 this would add another £122 ish. It begins to look like not such a good deal.

3)The supplier is rather a long way if the item breaks. Manufacturers are a bit funny about warranties and you may find that it is invalid unless you return it to the supplier.

When buying my cameras I did a huge amount of cut a long story short I found Cameras2U click here a much better bet and they usually deliver in 48hrs.


  herc182 22:50 21 Mar 2005

can you buy separate camera insurance over here in the UK to cover the camera?


  GaT7 23:14 21 Mar 2005

I agree with GANDALF.

For the warranty details - I reckon you should contact Panasonic UK directly who would know best in such situations click here.

Also, you may consider posting these queries (which I think are very good & valid) at the Ebay forum click here to get a different perspective. Even with excellent reviews, I'm sure you'll still want to be wary about purhasing a high-value item from Hong Kong, & beware of any worldwide warranty claims they make - unless they provide the appropriate Panasonic links with clear-cut info to back them up.

Good luck with your purchase & hope you end up a very satisfied customer. G

  herc182 07:21 22 Mar 2005

thanks crossbow7.

its irritating because the allure of getting a product i really want (with extras such as memory card, case, tripod) for less than the price it is over here for just the camera is strong!

i keep saying its not worth the hassle but then i think of the money i may save.
am edging towards pixmania tho. will have a stab at the ebay forum. thanks for that link

  Bagsey 08:51 22 Mar 2005

One other thought. If you are going to spend about £300 on ebay make sure that your paypal account is verified befor you bid or you could face lots of delays in paying. It takes about 4 days to get your account verified. How do I know?? Personal very recent experience.

  herc182 09:35 22 Mar 2005

do you get any extra protection on your purchase through using paypal?

  Rogerfredo 10:55 22 Mar 2005

I would personally steer clear of Ebay.
Go to a solid company like "".
These have good prices and superb after sales service. Paypal "guarantees" are worthless.

  Rogerfredo 11:11 22 Mar 2005

FZ20 is in stock at cameras2u for same price.
Company is situated in Leicester.

  hssutton 11:58 22 Mar 2005

I buy all my camera equipment via ebay, my last purchase for a DSLR costing over £1000. Total purchases over the past few years would be approx £7500. All without problem. but as already mentioned , check the feeedback. I only make a purchase if the there is plenty of feedback at 100%.

Buying from the States will almos certainly incur import & brokerage charges, it is possible to purchase a world wide warranty,or return to the supplier.

I know of a number of people who have spent £1000s on equipment from Hong Kong, without incurring any charges whatsoever, however repair under warranty is a problem, unless you do buy the world wide warranty.

One persons experience click here

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