Thinking of buying a DV.

  Rennaissance 15:37 22 Jan 2004

Hi, i just wanted some recommendations. I am thinking of buying a Camcorder soon, and i would like it to be below £500, it can have the option to use tapes but i also want an incorporated harddrive in it that is quite big, and also firewire capabilities to transfer to my pc, also with included dvd authoring software and dvd recording. I heard there were many different types like digital-8 or something other than this which do many different things. I just basically want to be able to transfer t pc and record to dvd, but speed is an issue too, so i need firewire. Should also be able to record to VHS through VCR like the old or current ones. Thankyou for any recommendations.

  MichelleC 16:23 22 Jan 2004

If you get a Sony dv camcord some models have analogue passthrough which converts analogue tapes to dv to pc. You can also use this utility to tape from vcr (don't know what the quality's like) to then transfer to pc. If this is the setup you'll need a firewire card and cable. If you decide against this you'll have to get a firewire card/cable anyway, plus a decent capture card (£100+) for analogue. Everyone has their own preference for software, but I've been dv'ing for a couple of years and I've used Roxio/MGI (bad news), Pinnacle (not very good news) and Movie Studio (very good news)click here (It's big brother Vegas is the best prog ever). Or you can cut your teeth on a free prog 1st click here

  MichelleC 16:25 22 Jan 2004

... forgot; make sure the dv cam has dv 'in' enabled or you'll have to decode it with a widget.

  Rennaissance 18:36 22 Jan 2004

thankyou michelle c, but i already have a firewire card, and i wanted one that can just transfer the video straight to pc with firewire so it will be hassle free, into a file like avi or something else. Don't really want to spend more money on a capture card, as i know they cost quite a bit.

  Chegs ® 18:52 22 Jan 2004

I bought a Canon MVX100i,it has DV/IN-Out,analog/digi conversion(so can record from domestic video recorder,analog video camera thru camcorder to pc).It came with a collection of software to edit the video,but I dont use it as it dumped a load of autorun.inf files into the root of my hdd's and trying to install other software kept trying to run the Canon software,it also produced a Canon logo on each Hdd when viewed with explorer.I use Pinnacle Studio,TempGenc DVD authoring,produces home DVD's which I pass on to family,and their quite pleased with the results.

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