Thinking about Vista?

  Forum Editor 00:14 11 Sep 2006

Perhaps you're already using the beta version.

We thought it was time to lanch our new Vista forum, designed to provide help and advice to those of you who are considering Windows Vista, and later on, when the software has launched, we'll use the same forum to help people who experience problems with their new installation.

The forum's online now, and until we add it to the 'FORUMS' menu on the left of your page you can access it via the drop-down "Jump to" menu at the bottom right of the main forum pages, underneath the thread listings.

  Totally-braindead 00:15 11 Sep 2006

Wondered when that would start FE. Not interested myself but I'm sure a lot of the forum members will be happy at this news.

  Forum Editor 00:21 11 Sep 2006

Not interested - maybe we'll see you change your mind after launch?

  skidzy 00:39 11 Sep 2006

FE,i think most will be interested in watching the stories associated with Vista.
Problem being i suspect is some will try to upgrade there OS and find there system spec needs to match.

Judging by the flaws in xp still being exposed today and the same in IE 6 and Internet Explorer 7 Release Candidate 1, i expect the forum to be very busy.

Personally i think the threads will be interesting and look forward to seeing these in action.Maybe i will learn something before i upgrade to Vista,and that will be in a year or so.

But for me.... "Hasta la vista" Vista

  terryf 07:12 11 Sep 2006

My principle is to let others get the bugs out, being amongst the first users of any product MAY be fraught.

  €dstowe 08:03 11 Sep 2006

I'll be getting one machine with Vista - just to impress clients that we're using the latest computer technology and then gradually moving over to it from XP as I replace the machines already here - which I do on a rotating basis every three years or so.

If Vista proves to be a "must have" system that offers sufficiently more (for our purposes) than XP then the changeover will be more rapid. Somehow, though, I'm a bit doubtful of that.

  CurlyWhirly 22:20 11 Sep 2006

I'm looking forward to the Vista release personally but I'm going to wait for the dust to settle first before taking the plunge!

  Mr Beeline 23:20 11 Sep 2006

I'll be interested in Vista, because DX10 will come with it. "The next leap in PC gaming", if you're into that sort of thing of course! God forbid that someone in their 50's is an ardent computer gamer (hic).

Though like a lot of people, I shall wait a while (probably 6 months or so after the initial release) to get some of the inevitable bugs ironed out.

  Totally-braindead 00:15 12 Sep 2006

Well FE I'm not saying I won't upgrade to Vista. The time will come when I'll have to, its just I'll wait as I did when XP came out until the majority of the bugs are sorted.

Ask me after launch and I'll still not be interested. Ask me say a year after launch and that will probably be a different story.

As I said there will be a lot of forum interest in this. Just not from me, for a good while at least.

Good luck with the new forum.

  josie mayhem 00:41 12 Sep 2006

I think a lot of people are in with a shock... IMHO because M$ has handled this in a slightly different way to other releases (and I'm sure that this has been due to very long delays (didn't they intend to release about 2 years ago?)

I reackon that on it's final release there isn't going to be the bugs/teething problems that has always been associalated with preverious releases of new systems.

when you think about it? it can take years for a bug to be dectected, you have a program with millions of line of code, which at then end of the day are all asking a yes or no question... If yes you go to that line of instruction, if no then you follow that line of instruction. Until the day X,Y,Z are asked and it says 'what' 'where to I go' 'is it a yes or is it a no?' and no yes or no answer can be given to send it onto the next line... all hell lets lose..

So with more of us beta testing the more likley major bugs are going to show, and then you get the more user friendly for the new comer aspec (once the bugs have been ironed out) I think it's going to be a bigger hit than XP and change over is going to be quicker....

But remember Vista isn't on the shevles yet and already another OS is being developed Vienna but I think this will incorparate the things and idea's that over the years has been left out by longhorn...

  Mr Beeline 21:39 12 Sep 2006

josie mayhem

Fair comment.

But... however many people you release a Beta product to for testing... "there will always be bugs". If only because of the "infinite monkey" principle (IE. you can't compare the number of people in a Beta test, to the number of people who will install / use this OS when it's released) and the more people using it, the more likely that monkey will try something no one else has thought of. Trust me, I used to work for IBM Global Services and I wish that I had a tenner for every time someone tried to convince me that "testing was complete" and that "we are ready to go"... and of course it was usually no where near ready to release to production.

Should be an interesting ride, as our American cousins would say.

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