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  .:?:. 12:23 23 Jul 2006

I'm thinking of selling my desktop and replacing it with a laptop.

The specs are:

P4 3.00 ghz

1gb kingston ram

Intel PERL mobo

Hightech radeon 9550s

250gb maxtor hdd

DVD drive

DVD-RW drive

Microsoft wireless keyboard/mouse

Belnea 19" monitor

XP Pro sp2

Firtly how much do you think I could get for it? And would I get more possibly if I sold each bit seperately?

and secondly, what laptop would I be able to possibly get for it (i am wanting highest specs possible)?


  bremner 12:26 23 Jul 2006

£350 click here

  mattyc_92 12:30 23 Jul 2006

You normally find that sort of spec around the £700 margin

But remember that people can find better deals online like bremner has done

  spuds 13:09 23 Jul 2006

It's like most things secondhand, there is either a market for them or not, depending on peoples wants. When buying computers and computer products, most people like to have confidence, usually with a warranty back-up.

Look at Ebay, Loot as bremner link, or any local newspaper, shop or store adverts. If there is a regular local computer fair, then observations there may provide some answers.

Selling individual parts, could lead to you having a surplus item stock situation, with an incomplete machine wasting away. Not worth the bother, unless you have spare time, prepared to put up with inconveniences and do not need the funds urgently.

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