think ive deleted something very important help

  malcolm999 10:56 30 Jan 2009


I am one of these people who knows a little about computers which I guess is dangerous!!!!

Basically my Amilo laptop informed me that there was only a small amount of free space left and ny computer was paging?

I then deleted all the programs or functions I didnt recognise!

I also changed some files in the start up process so my computer would start quicker using windows defender.

On my laptop in order to get the computer to go wireless you need to press Fn key and F1 which was working fine. I am currenlty connected to the internet through hard wire connection.

I seem to have disabled the method of turning on my wireless fn through this method as a result of my meddling!!

There is also no physical wireless switch or anything like that on this laptop, any suggestions?

Thank you so much

  oldbeefer2 11:09 30 Jan 2009

I would start with a System Restore back to before the deletions. After that, if all OK again, you could run msconfig where you can temporarily stop programmes loading and see if they affect the way your machine works.

  malcolm999 11:36 30 Jan 2009

Also I need to get on wireless connection today and cant get hold of another disc, does anyone know the program I may have altered so that I could either reinstall it or add it?

  malcolm999 11:38 30 Jan 2009

In case anyone tells me to sytem restore on this, I cant as I didnt bother to back up laptop when I bought it and system restore will only work with discs apparently...

any ideas? thank you

  Pine Man 11:56 30 Jan 2009

You don't need a disc to run System Restore. It is part of the operating system and is set to run by default. Unless you have specifically stopped it from working it is there and should be tried.

Are you using XP or Vista?

  malcolm999 12:15 30 Jan 2009

I am using vista i think up until the last few days my system restore must have been turned off as I have had the laptop for 4 months and when i go to restore the only point i can get to is last week and i made the change 3 weeks ago?

any suggestions...

on my last laptop it was much easier to restore but not on this amilo laptop

  gazzaho 12:31 30 Jan 2009

Pine Man is right System Restore is different to Factory Restore. System Restore can be used to get back to a stable condition if something goes wrong while installing a program or drivers and may get your wireless connection working again, but to be honest sometimes it works and sometimes not, as you've lost the Factory Restore disks you will be unable to reset the computer to the exact condition it was in when new.

Did you just delete to the recycle bin? Or did you hold "shift" and delete to delete? If you just deleted then the files and folders may be in the recycle bin where you can right click and restore them.

You may have deleted important files and/or folders that are needed for Windows to operate properly and if you can't restore them from the recycle bin your only option may be a full Factory Restore to get everything working again. I would contact your computer manufacturer and ask for information on either purchasing or obtaining Factory Restore disks, you will not be able to recover from disk/system failure without them, now or at a future date.

  malcolm999 12:56 30 Jan 2009

I called Fujitsu and what I had done was remove programs to create space. I went into remove program files and anything that I didnt recognise I got rid of.

One of the programs I deleted was the start up program for the laptop, when I called the company one of the enginners knew what I had done, asked me to go on the website for them and the missing file was there so problem solved.

Thanks for your help, I will be more careful next time...

  Pine Man 13:35 30 Jan 2009

Good news!

  aine 16:53 30 Jan 2009

Further to your problem, system restore will only show you the last 5 days. There is a point on that screen that you can use to go back further than 5 days. Might help some other time Aine

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