Think I just broke my Pc-doh!

  Fatsia japonica 15:00 10 Jun 2004

Hi people, am on a works puter at the mo, but a couple of hours ago I tried changing the heatsink on my home pc (amd xp2600, XP home, 1gig 2700 ram).

Anyway it came off ok, I put the thermal gel as per instructions replace heatsink no probs.

Now when I booted machine up all started ok except monitor wouldnt come out of stand by, so I cant actually see if anything is happening. Have since tried other monitor and swapped graphics card (FX5600) still to no effect.

Have I killed the mother board perhaps.



  AndySD 15:15 10 Jun 2004

You did plug the fan back in properly

If the procesor overheated it may take a little while to reset.

  Fatsia japonica 15:18 10 Jun 2004

yes everything plugged back in, when booted all fans spinning nicely everything appears ok but no wat of knowing if its actually doing anything.

Would the DVD and CD drive lights flash if it was totally broke?
Please help the wife is gonna surely kill me!

  interzone55 15:23 10 Jun 2004

Your optical drive lights will flash as the PC starts to boot, because the BIOS will be looking for bootable CDs.
This shows that your Motherboard is fine anyway.

Do you get any beeps as you power up?

Graphics cards have to be very firmly seated before they'll work. Does the graphics card require extra power? some have floppy drive type power connectors on them.

  Fatsia japonica 15:36 10 Jun 2004

No no beeps at all, Ive checked and double checked the graphics cards, even swapping them over in my kids puter. The card is fine and seated properly.

Best I start saying a few prayers before I get home>

  alan227 16:36 10 Jun 2004

If the monitor will not come out of standby it is possibly not recieving a signal, you say the graphics card is seated correctly so try the VGA lead off your kids computer to make sure their are no broken wires in your lead.

  AndySD 16:57 10 Jun 2004

check that you havent knocked one of the RAM stick loose.

  Fatsia japonica 17:46 10 Jun 2004

I've tried both my tft screen and also crt no response at all, and the ram sticks are both seated nicely.


  Fatsia japonica 17:50 10 Jun 2004

Do you think that if I take out the processor from the kids puter and swap it with my one, that I might be able to rule out the processor as the problem.The kids is xp1700 mine is xp2600.

  Fatsia japonica 18:01 10 Jun 2004

ps its a MSI 6279 series motherboard.

  Fruit Bat 18:06 10 Jun 2004

Sounds like a graphics card problem.

Do you have onboard and or seperate card?

If sep card remove and revert to onboard see if that males a difference.

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